30 days - AGAIN !

With a few alterations:


1. Write about yourself 3 favourite works of ''art'' I've made
2. Five cutest/handsomest guys
3. Your friends
4. Someone you look up to
5. A photo of you 1 year ago
6. The blogs you read
7. Who is the funniest person you know?
8. A picture of your closet
9. Your bag contains..?
10. What does your future look like
11. The city you live in
12. A picture of your room right now
13. A photo someone took of you
14. Your biggest dream
15. A celebrity you wish you could meet
16. What I do on weekends
17. Here I want to travel before I die
18. Here I shop the most
19. Your family
20. A photo of what you bought last
21. Favourite spot
22. TV-series you love
23. Favourite nailpolish
24. A photo of your computer
25. This I am addicted to
26. Something you want right now
27. Your future wedding Best youtube videos atm.
28. A picture of the makeup you usually wear
29. This is what I ate for breakfast
30. Five good things that have happened during these 30 days
Day 1 tomorrow ! 


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