It's been a long ass day today, school from 8 to 16, which ended with the most annoying flag-class ever. 
But after that I went to the city with Veppa and Jonte, we went to Subway to eat some and then walked to Verkkokauppa in the snow/rain and my shoes were leaking so much.. But after we arrived there the rest of the day was awesome. Well the sub was delicious too.. I bought a R.A.T. mouse and some more skittles mee-hee :3
After that me Jonte went to Anttila and some other stores, bought some earbuds and some other stuff. Then we went to take our photography class photos, which turned preetty goood.. ^^
Then when I came home talked with my parents for a while, showed them a photo of the wall I had painted at my brothers place, and my dad had bought me some recovery drinks for me after my gaains :3 Aww.
Now just skyping with Jonte and Veppa and testing my new mouse. It's sweet as fuq. Anywho, more blogging tomorrow, bye!


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