I had/have high hopes for this year, but the start of this year has been the worst time, well autumn wasn't that much better. Right now I'm just going through a lot and it honestly hurts a little to go to school, not that classes would be the problem, I don't mind the actual learning part.. Seeing certain people in school is the hard part. Have to thank some of my friends for always being there :)
Anyway, nowadays if I'm not with Robin during the days, I sleep. I come home and sleep til' next morning, give or take. That makes it all a bit easier, since you don't have to worry about anything while you're sleeping. I'm going through a range of different emotions everyday, anger, sadness, and I'm so confused. Those days that I actually feel happy, they're like a miracle to me.
I just needed to let this all come out, and my blog seemed like an appropriate place.
I hope that as it gets warmer this spring, things won't seem that hard, or that things will actually get better.
I'm staying home today from school, I'm not feeling well, so I'll be going back to sleep now.

Here are some pics from the past days.


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