6 months and 19 years

Hiya, weekend is over and school in 7 hours. Gonna go to sleep in just a while. Anyway I figured I'd write about the past days a bit. And they've mainly consisted of Robin <3 We celebrated our 6 months day, we had dinner and saw Robocop at the movies :3 And yesteyday it was Robins birthday, so I mad him a bit of food, got some Ben and Jerrys and spent a really cozy day. Also saw the two first episodes of "the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" and it seemed pretty cool, awesome that they included stuff from some of the marvel movies. I've also started wathching "Hannibal", which is just brutal, scary and freaking crazy. And awesome. Also next week I might be getting a bunny. A bunnyyy :3

Anyway, I'm gonna sleep soon so, laters.


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