Prioritizing the right stuff

Saturday, home, alone, gandalf running around the room. No money - no party. Studying game production and development. Starting to design my own game, I'm excited. Watched Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary of single working guys who make their own video games. It was a little bit sad and depressing actually. Now I'm scared of the choice I've made and my dreams and whether or not I will be happy in my future. I want a job I enjoy, it's really important to me. I wish I hadn't screwed up my school so bad this year, I might not get my grades up enough to get into the schools I want. I'm nervous, but excited. I know I could do it, if I give it 100%.
Anyway, I haven't done alot today, just blobbed around and worked out.
I'm gonna go back to working, later.


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