4 weeks

WHAA?! 4 weeks until summer vacation? I am so sososososossososoossoosos excited. And happy. Even though the 30.4 was probably one of the worst days I've had, the following 4 days have been so amazing. I have it good. I do. And I appreciate everything I have, and everything I've had but lost. Even though there are things and people I've lost, I love thinking about those old memories, not longing back but appreciating that it happened. 
Only one year left in Tölö, and almost limitless opportunities after that. New places? People? Studies? Work? We'll see. I can't wait.
Anyway, so in my plans for these following weeks iiiis.. Go see Captain America and Kaze tachinu, travel to Estonia, celebrate our 8 month anniversary, apply for a study grant and housing benefit (hopefully moving out in summer/autumn), and a crapload of schoolwork that I have been putting off. 
Anyways, gonna shower and go to sleep since I have school tomorrow at 08.00. Later ! 


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