Man this is a weird time for me. I find myself daydreaming through school, hardly listening to anyone who speaks, although it's not my intent. Everything just seems to fly by me. Also going through some major changes, my dad moving out and me and my mother possibly moving to a new apartment during the Christmas holidays. And I mean, I've lived here literally since I was 0, so it's gonna be weird to move. We're also getting two new bunnies in November, since we thought that the best medicine for losing Midna would be the joy of a new bunny. Altough I'm never gonna forget her. She was literally the sweetest bunny in the world. She would sit next to you while you watched TV, and her happy jumps were the most adorable in the world. I wish she could have had more time with us. 
I'm also thinking of getting a tattoo of her in some form :) 

Anyway I'm gonna try to start gathering my thoughts again and organizing my life, since I have no idea about what I've been doing the last two weeks. I have no memory what so ever over this. 
So here's what I've got planned: Friday I'm gonna go see "Maze runner" with the girls, saturday book expo and perhaps some Namu, paint at my brother's place, animal expo, bunnees and just reading for the matriculation examinations and doing mah slutarbete. And also cleaning out everything in this apartment since we're probably gonna move, and I've got a shit-load of junk. 

That's all for tonight, I've just woken up from a nap and it's 23.11.. So probably gonna paint and watch netflix, and wait for Robin to get here from work ❤️ 


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