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Shipping out

Yesterday I shipped the paintings I made of Siv HD and Mommie to the Netherlands. I am so excited that Robbert wanted to buy the paintings for their gaming house. Freaking awesome ! He might also do a vlog featuring the paintings #achievementunlocked :)
He also seemed pretty psyched about the paintings and already ordered another for the third guy that's joining their house, since KP is in Canada again. 
Anyway, 2015 has taken a great start, and school's going easily since I have so few courses left, woop! Altho I have to start studying for real and start searching for future study places or whatnot. 
Anyway, time for school soon, so gotta get ready (get out of bed, which takes 20 minutes). Later
Byebye gentlemen

Siv HD


2015 ❤️



Sneak peak


Ah, had a lovely Christmas, and I intend to keep the xmas spirit going :) Tomorrow we're going to see the last Hobbit movie !! Yay ! 
Otherwise I've been painting a lot, eating good food, trying to get healthy and spending time with the loves. Perfect days ❤️


Great start to the christmas holiday, aaay !

Gingerbread house

4 days of school

Got 4 days of school until christmas break, thank god cause I have a buttload of schoolwork to do. Anyway, here are some pics from the past days. I'm gonna try to sleep now, made mistakes with naps and stuff.. But yaaay it's christmas sooon !! So who cares ^.^

H&M and Painting

Perfect !!




Hay ! Takin tonight to study and paint, spent last night at Klara's place for some pardej, had a blast ! Especially after being sick the whole week. Anyhow here are some pics from the past weeks


2 weeks until December, and of course I've left all the work to the last minute. And I still find time to play league.. Oops. 



Summer please

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