BESTÄLLT! sweet & neff

There's this band, that i really need you to check out.

And they're called Different Shades of Grey, and their music is, well, it's heavenly. Alot of different feelings came up listening to these songs. There's only 3 songs but i've been listening over and over on them, just can't get enough of em'.
Check it out, the myspace link is under the pic.

---> HERE <---

Och några bilder jag tagit, tycker passar bra  :)

Quick update.

Hahaha.. Seriöst efter att ha suttit i i ca 2 timmar. GUD. Stackars brorssan, fick ingen TV today, nytt försök på fredag, men seriöst, never. Never, buy anything from that place if you aren't like super rich or something :D
Anyways this is the perfect way to chill out after a loong day.

some awesome KICKS! makin' me think over my birthday-wish-list.


Hege Reporting for (Call of) Duty!

Got out of my winter coma just now like a week ago, awesome. The sun does miracles right? :D Also RWJ:s youtube vids helped :D Anyways har fått lite sommar fiilis, men musik, kläder, målning osv! Here's some of the fashion that i will be wearing this summer:

För det mesta Sweet men också lite Humör (:

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