Belieb - Todays Inspiration

i Ordered some stuff for my beloved Xbox

Guys - Todays Inspiration


Ööö fail dag once again, vaknade 13.05.. Hann definitivt int ti skolan för vi slutar 13.20 på fredagar. ERMHMM..
Har iaf spelat NHL-09 until now, och skall rita/måla nu (: Anyways dagens inspiration photos sätter jag snart hit :P

Thas is me today.

Buy - List

Some of the stuff i'm planning on buying, before this fall!

Skin - Todays Inspiration

NHL -09 @ 360 + skittles

Play'n ma new game NHL -09 for my xbox360, i would have bought the -11 but it was sold out :( that's why i bought -09 instead of -10 cuz it was cheaper and i'm gonna buy the -11 ANYWAYS. I'm nomnomnoming on some skittles which is awesome, i've missed these candies for sooo long, OMG what the firetruck, 5 school days left, and 9/10 days left til' freedom. LOVE. Ok anyways back to play'n LATES and late nights!


Those are my skittles and my awesome R2D2.

Randoming all day long (:

pretty sweeet day, hade sista provet för i år, ätit skittles all day long (love), varit till stan feat. a friend, köpt stuff, skaffat hål i örat ( HUURTS) och tittat på TobyGames hela kvällen (awesomeness).. :D

Das me todayos

Ma 2 new eaar thinggies

So i'm off to watching TOBUSCUS and eating skittles and then play ma new game? Lates

POKÉMON 4 life - Todays Inspiration

Today's been pretty SWEET.

Bilden berättar allt.

Leopard Nails X4Colors

After the End of The World...

... you've got to chill.

Me todayos :P

Fixade naglarna (visar soooon) till måndag 2 WEEKS LEFT till SOMMARLOWWWET! sweet sweet freedom i'm going to charish every single second of every single minute of every single day for 10 weeks.

Cool Kids Can't Die - Todays Inspiration

AAAND i'm back :)

Yup haft paus från the bloggin' för en stund eftersom har haft MASSOR skol stuff  o ba massor program all the time, men har lite extra tid på mej nu och snart är det sommarlov och då borde jag ha lite tid att blogga once again :)

Hehe testade lite hur jag skulle se ut med piercing :P

More bloggin' tomorrow! LATES!

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