Today's Inspiration 13 - How I Feel Right Now

Skrillex {by Hege}

Bestämde mig på fredag att jag skulle rita Skrillex. Jag älskar älskar älskar hans musik. Jag skissade på fredag, och ritade slut bilden igår. Så nu är 8 timmars arbete klart and here it is!

MAAAN my music-taste has changed.

Like over the last half year, i've just been listening to different kinds of music genre's than i usually do. I mean, i still like, rap, hip hop, and i still LOVE suomi-hoppi/räppi. But i've just really gotten into like Punk&Electronica&Dubstep and stuff. GOD i can't stop listening to Vyncent flaw, Mindless self indulgence, Skrillex, The M machine, and more.

Last night

was spent at Cias place, with some people. It was real nice, except for the end, the drunken-emo woke up inside me. :3 But that's way over now, and i've spent my day with Joel&Niki, since we haven't hung out for like forever. Sadface.
They're gonna leave soon, since i have a modda arbete to do -.-
But anyways here's a pic of yesterday:

Cheers, back to watchin' community. Lates!

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