Happy fucking valborg vittu.

Pic update


Sooo today woke up at around 11 when my mom was being insanely loud. I chilled on the balcony for like 1 1/2 hours, cuz I fell alseep in the sun. I then woke up and put my makeup on and then Klara came over and gave my preseeent, yaay, and we went shopping. We met Justus in forum and shopped for a while. Pics on what I bought later. We then went to Klara's and picked up what she left there today. Then the butique, and Klara bought some flowers and I bought an awesome present for Elias. Now we're at my place and we're gonna bake some CAAKE.
So bye !


Aaaand my hair is green again. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY HAIR ? I'm pretty sure I've killed it. Tomorrow probably dyeing it dark brown. Because. Le fuq. Bye.

Expectations 4 Monday ?


Dream Outfit

He's an Artist , He's a Genius , He's Perfect , He's Rick Genest.



I have the best God damn Friend(s) in the world.

Okay so my friend Nenne called and asked if I was home and said that I had to do something soon. So i was like... What the fuck is she gonna kill me? :D Then she called and said that I had to go to my balcony. So I was like "maybe she's outside our house or something". Then I to to my room and get a tiny heartattack cuz it looked like there's a person on my balcony when I just took a quick look. But then I see that it's a balloon. I go out and see that there's a present stuck to it. Aaaawwww. This totally made my day !! Plus the present was awesome ! It was a necklace (which I love) and some nail-art stuff. Weeee ! Thanks Nenne once more ! :)


Wooo ! (i guess?) So today's my b-day, my brothers came over + their kids, my grandma and my aunt was here + my parents ofc. Kinda had a "get me the fuck out of here" feeling the whole time, mainly because my brother let his son, who's 1 1/2 years old, in to my room the whole time even though I'd close the door. So ofc his kid grabbed everything in my room, he got a dent in my mario mushroom which i got from Cia when she was in NY, and he broke my xbox controller. FUCK. A closed door means don't fucking enter bro.
Anyhows, it was nice to meet my brothers, as always, I really cherish the time I get with em'.
But yep, we ate some cake, opened presents and talked, the usual b-day stuff, and they left a while ago.
I did get what I had wished for b-day, which was a little money, giftcard and earbuds. Plus I got a book, a nomination piece and a USB divider. So yep, happy with that !
But I'm gonna seriously make the best of the time I have alone this weekend and do something now, so peace !

Some pics from today;

Me today:

What i got:

AAND, the cake etc.


And also, epic b-day party song !!

Night-Chill on the Balcony

Can't sleep, for I've got to many thoughts

Trying to sleep. There's like 4 people talking in the living room. Plus a baby who cries once in a while. My brother just came. Have no idea why, it's like 23.04 ? Maybe he couldn't stay away from his child..?
Plus I have like billion thoughts. About this weekend. My life in general. And just, teenage thoughts. It's gonna be a long night I know already. And tomorrow up at 09.00.
But yep, I'll try to get some sleep. Night


Yay.. More people..

Soo I came home from school no longer than 30min ago, and heard that my brothers step daughter and daughter are both coming here today, and they're gonna sleep over.
I just hate when plans change, the original plan that i heard was that my grandma would come friday, leave sunday with my parents. But now it's she'll leave monday with my parents, don't know when, which sucks because I've already made plans with Klara sunday.
And then my brothers daughters plus all that. I don't have the freaking energy for it. I know I shouldn't be complaining because it's family but.. Fuuuck.
Anyhow today at school was super chill, religion (watched some videos), calle-gala, finnish. The calle-gala was quite fun actually, laughed a whole lot. And some friends performed aswell, they were great.

And now I'm just sitting on my balcony (I'm so loving having my own balcony !) and drinking pebe and chillin', so back to that ! Peace

K so, fuck it ?

Damn. Had been waiting for this weekend for so long. It's by b-day and everything. Now suddeny there's a change in the plans and I get no "alone-time" at home, just to- you know - chill, and I haven't had my own time in so long.
Thank t-rex that I still have monday to look forward to ! Went to the city with Cia and Klara today and spent 20€ on useless may-day & b-day stuff ! Haha so worth it.
Anyhows. Todays plan: clean. Because my grandma's coming visiting tomorrow, she'll leave on monday. Monday..
But for now I'm just listening to Arctic Monkeys and chilling, so back to that, peace

Strawberries :3

The first strawberries this year. Tastes like summer :3

But wait, what ? What Is Awesome Feeling ?

The test went GREAT. We had to paint to objects with watercolor, and draw a family member. I drew my brother, of course :) The drawing turned out great, the painting ok. But yeah the awesomest thing was that the woman who we had our interviews with said, that even if I don't get into practikum, there's a good chance I'll get in to tölö. That was like FUCK YEEAH !
Anyways, when I came home my brother was there, so I watched him play mario, (felt like a was a little kid, since I mostly watched my brother play games, never played myself really) and then we talked a little. Now I've just finished wrapping my friends gift and I'm just listening to music.

But yeah, so yesterday I was with Klara, our plan, to buy our gifts to Bebban, and Klara to buy a gift to Elias.
But. There was a sale in gina tricot, and I ended up buying stuff to myself. That. Was not the plan. I did buy Bebbans gift aswell, but I had no idea what she wanted :D

I'm actually gonna make her b-day card now, so I'm gonna go, peace

Here's some pictures from today and what I bought yesterday.

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1399486/images/2012/pic_199800393.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1399486/images/2012/pic_199800434.jpg" class="image">

@ tölö

Waiting for the test to begin. I'm actually super ass nervous, even though I wasn't when I left home. It should start in 2min. Geez, help me :D

Good Morning Sunshine !

The best feeling? Waking up when the sun is shining ! So of course i made my tea and went out on my balcony. With music in the background, soo nice. The sun is almost burning when the wind isn't blowing. I've got nothing to complain about, except maybe that I have to spend the day indoors making my tölö drawings. But meh, it's alright :) Hopefully I'll finish them today, then I can go in to the city with Klara and buy Bebban a b-day gift tomorrow. Anyhow, back to chilling, peace !

Today's Inspiration - Wonders of life & He's a visionary

Some More Pictures

Good Morning people ! Woke up around 12/13, and I've pretty much just been cleaning today. Doing laundry, taking out the trash, etc. I'm not even done yet, still have to do the dishes and organize my closet. But anyhow. Yesterday @Lauras was awesome. I mean, I was taking care of this one dude for like 2 hours, cause he was like..Out. But the rest of the time was really fun ! Only I did fail on my way home. See there's like a small slope that you have to climb to get to Lauras house, and it was like totally in mud and it was crazy slippery. I had a hard freaking time even getting up the slope when we got there. So of course, what would happen when I was walking down slope? I fell. In the mud. Hahaha. It was super fun going through the city to get home when I was totally in mud. Like my pants, my jacket and my bag. Lovely. But I didn't mind because it was so funny that I fell. Yep, I have the worst sense of humour.

Anyhow here's a few pics from yesterday that i borrowed from Hanna !

Haha, I'm a good photographer.

All pictures except the first was taken by Hanna:)

And that's all for now, peace

And she made me smile

A lady I don't know just told me in the subway; "your eyes are to beautiful for you to be sad. Put a smile on your face." And before she left the subway she made a hand gesture that meant I should smile.
And she did make me smile.

Pics from Laura

Dream Outfit

Hunger Games; Mockingjay

I just finished the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy, and I'm starting on the last one. I have never loved any book as much as I love these !
I also just decided that I'm gonna try super hard to somehow get into bikini-shape, for this summer. I'm gonna try to work out atlest 30min every day, and also lay off candy, junkfood etc. except for some occasions, like my b-day for example. But yeah, now it's public, so hopefully I'll actually do it this time !

Now to drinking panadol hot and reading. Peace

Super Sweet 16

Haha, so.. I'll be 16 soon. Holy crap. My birthday's next week, 28.4. Hopefully 16 will be better than 15 ! I'm quite sure it will :)
I haven't got alot of stuff on my wishlist this year, I'd be happy with anything. Or nothing really :)

That. Is pretty much all. 

Anyhow, I'm feeling ALOT better today, not sick anymore, Score ! That means that I can go to the fiesta today. Yay ! ^_^
I'm gonna play some NHL now though, so peace !


Hehe.. :3

Shoes Shoes Shoes..


So I stayed home from school today, probably good not just because I'll get better sooner, but because I have time to make my drawings for tölö and practikum. So that's pretty much what I've been doing today, nothing yippiee to write about :)

Which 3 ?

So I'm working on my drawings for tölö, but I can't choose which 3 objects I should choose. I have like 8 things, so the decision is probably going to take a longer time than actually drawing them. Hmm..

Thougts Right Now

So today I had to go home after just one class, felt really sick, headache, cough, just.. Blahh. So my teacher drove me home, and then the rest of the class, like 3 people, went to a café, haha. I slept for like 4 hours, went to work, came home, cleaned my room, not well, just threw everything in my wardrobe heh.. Now I'm just sitting and planning my future and my plans in my head, listening to Reel Big Fish.
But yep, gonna take a shower, for like an hour, so peace

Off To Work

Be back in 1h, more bloggin' then ! Peace


Sweet in Black&Silver&Turquoise

May Day & Our birthdays

Today has been a WAAY better day than yesterday. I got plans, or well, made plans for may day ! We're gonn celebrate Bebbans bday and may day, my bday on the side I decided (;. Anyway we made a good guest list with Klara & Bebban, so hopefully most people can come !
But yeah, now I'm gonna start making my drawings and preparations for the selectionstests, so peace


Monday tiredness

So today I've had a super low-energy day, therefore the crappy bloggin'. Had a math test today, I'm hoping that I'll get a 7 ! I'll be happy with 6. It also felt like school was like 10hours long today. I was in some sort of coma, haha, couldn't focus on anything or work at all. The whole day has been kind of depressing and crap.
When I came home I found two letters for me, one from practikum and one from tölö. The.. Selectiontest..? for tölö is freakin text week ! Prakticums is in may. But haha when I opened the letters I got some kind of major brake down and just startet freaking out about, what if I don't get in to practikum, tölö or even my third choice brändö, then wth will I do? I mean fuck. My life will be even worse. Like yeeeah, it's not like I have enough troubles and shit going on right now.
Anyhow, after my freakout I took a 4h nap, then took a shower and now I'm watching hockey. Pelicans - JYP. After this I'm gonna watch south park and then go to sleep again.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Peace

haha, creepy shit.



Just clicked home some stuff from H&M. They're gonna arive quite late though, like in 4-5 weeks. But here's what I bought:

Love the backpack so much !

This Weather is Heavenly

Woke up at like 12o'clock or so, Cia was already awake. The sun was shining and that immediately made today a good day. We made noodles and sat on the balcony in the sun. Probably the best way to start a day. After that we met Justus and went to McDoonalds. We met Henri and his lil sister there. We went to a park nearby to eat. After that Herman joined and they started playin' some game or whatever, so i took off. Now I'm waiting for Joel to come over, haven't seen him in like 4-5 months, it's crazy.
Aand now he's at the door so gotta go, peace


Pics !




Le New Hair !

Quick blog --> going to sleep.
Here's my new hair color though, nighty night


Glow-In-The-Dark Minigolf

So I just came home from spending some awesome time with 2 of my brothers. We went to play glow-in-the-dark minigolf at flamingo. I have to say it was epic ! I had so much fun :) After that we went to eat at Amarillo, i had some Muchos Nachos and onion rings ! Yumyumyum. This was probaby the best day I've had in quite a while.
Okay, but now the dye-your-hair-purple operation has begun, I'm dyeing my hair blond now, after that silver-blond, and then lilac. So I'm off, here's some pics from glow-in-the-dark minigolf tour, peace



Sweet. Got home about half and hour ago, was at the city with Maria. It was nice, although it was just a fast trip. I bought some stuff, and then we went to eat some awesome junkfood:) anyhow now I'm on my way to play minigolf with my brothers, gonna be awesome ! Pics later :)
Here's a pic of what I bought and one of Maria.


Today's Inspiration

A Hurricane went through My Room..

Work is done ! Sheeesh. Took A Looong time. Some lady offered me a job while I was delivering the magazines, selling some aloe vera product. Weeird. But she gave me my number if I want it, so we'll see. Anyways, I can't believe that my room was totally tidy and clean yesterday, when I now look at it. All I did was choose what I was gonna wear today. And all I came up with was chinos, black top and a baseball jacket.. And it still amazes me how I have 2 closets, and NOTHING to wear. Seems like I wear the same clothes every day or so. But also I've got this problem wih my clothes, that i don't really know who I am when it comes to clothes, so I just switch from Indie to Hip-Hop to "emo" and so on.. Ugh.
But yeah, on monday it's my first full payday, been working way hard and for what? 130€. Well better than nothing I guess ! And oooh. I'm gonna dye my hair lilac next week. YAY ! But okay, I'm gonna take a shower, and go to sleep. I'll probably get up at like 23.00, so that i get my usual routine (; going to sleep at 3-4am. That's just lovely. Okay but more bloggin later, peace


Hubblehubble. @ school

So right now we're having our english lesson. Just 40 more minutes of school, then home sort the magazines for 2h, then pause 20min. Then out and deliver them, 2-3h, atleast.. So I should be home around 20.00. Balls. I'm already crazy tired, so I'm probably gonna go to sleep at like 20.30, just gonna take a shower if the god damn renovation is ready! It should have been done yesterday, but nooo..
Anyways I'm gonna take a 10 min nap, peace


Did I Mention I Like The Legend of Zelda ?

Just wanted to quick-blog about my favourite game of all time. I just borrowed "Twilight Princess" from a friend, and I've been playin' it for like 3h now, and i love it. It's different to skyward sword, which i love. Anyhow, back to playin' ! Peace
(most important blogpost ever right?)

Need for A Computer ?

OKay so after i totally failed and broke my computer, I'm in a serious need of a new one (you don't say) and so I've looked computers on the internet for like a billion years, and I found one that seems awesome. Though I will need a new screen, mouse etc. so it'll cost, way, way to much. I'm hoping that for my birthday I'll get atleast part of the money. Anyhow, here's what's on my birthday list.

DAAAEEEMM. It's.. It's beautiful.

Le Fuq

OK. Been super lazy about bloggin' for a while. So just to sum it up, here's what I've been doing during easter.


On thursday i got home from school 13.20. It was a good day in school.
I got home, cleaned my room, and shit like that.
Then around 19.00 some friends came over, we were just gonna drink and chill.
I remember about 2-3 hours of it all.
5 hours, totally black. Totally fucked up. I know I was there and awake, because Cia told me all about what happened. Well, I'm guessing not all because I was pretty fucked up.


Woke up at like 10.00, Cia was sleeping on my floor. Holy motherfreaking blob, i have never felt so bad.
Atleast now i know not to drink that much. And probably will be sober for quite some time.
Anyhow, we wen't to Cia's place, where i slept, did nothing - watched toy story while she cleaned.
Then we went to McDonald's because, well junkfood the day after = perfection.
At that point i was already feeling quite good, but just thinking about alcohol was like BLEEH.
We went to a friend, who was having a lan. The evening did though turn from a lan to just totally flipping out, haha. I had fun, watching the others go crazy ! And I came home around 23.00, watched TV til' 02.00, and slept on the couch.

Haha, green tongue.


My mom wakes me at half past 11, sayin' we have to get going, so i rush up and just throw makeup in my face and the nearest clothes. Then we went to my brothers and his fiancé's birthday party. Just close family. It was nice, ate some cake, talked some. And it seems I might get a summer job, cleaning, if I don't get anything else, thanks to my brothers fiancé. So that's aweosome. I also get to do a paintjob in my oldest brothers + his familys apartment, and then in the summer I might spend a week looking after my brothers dog, getting paid for both jobs.
Then I came home, took like an hour and a half to get home, they live so god damn far away, heh.
And after that I've just been cleaning, washing clothes, watching TV. It's just the night I need, some quiet, some alone time. My parents aren't even home, so that great.
PS. I broke my goddamn computer! I somehow smashed it into a table, when i was putting some cables.
So now I'm gonna be without a computer, for a minimum of 4-6months, and I use my computer about 6-10h a day.

But yeah. That's pretty much my easter, I hope other people had it a little better, haha !

K but, I'm gonna watch some regular show, and just chill the whole night so, Peace !

Busy, Busy, Busy..

Been super busy yesterday and today. Right after school yesterday me and Cia went to see a movie. It wasn't a very good movie, but whatevs :D. I came home around 6 or 7, and somehow the clock was already 11 and I wen't to sleep. Had the weirdest feeling like the time was actually going way faster than it did.
And ugh.. Today when I came home i had to go riight to work, sorting the magazines, I just finished 10min ago, and I'm just takin' a 20min break, and then I'm gonna go deliver them.
But for now, that's all, so peace

Some pictures from yesterday & today


Just came home a while ago. I was with Klara, we saw a movie and ate at La Grill, it was nice! The movie we saw was "kohta 18" (almost 18, or soon 18, not sure:). It was good, way better than chronicle. And sheesh, got the loveliest chill-feeling. You know, like at summer, the sun just going down, sitting in a park or on a beach with your friends, just drinking and chilling. That's like a perfect evening for me. Can't freakin' wait for summer ! I've got way more plans already than I had last year. Anywhoo, here's the pics from today, gotta run across the street and shower now, haha.

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