Good Morning

Hallo. Went to sleep right after I came home. Slept for like 3-4 hours. So tired. Tomorrow-Friday, I'll be at camp school. So.. Super excited.. Haha, no but I'm sure it'll be alright, or even fun ! I know right, what? I'm probably not making any sense, since I'm extremely tired. Have to start packing soon too. Ugh, okay. Bye



Compare how much I've done to how much I've got left. That took like.. 40 minutes. Wat. I want to die. 2-3 hours time. There's no way I'll finish it today. Atleast not when I'm blogging haha.


Todays pics

Guetta ♥


I made half of that post yesterday, that's why it can seem a bit fucked up. I'll fix it when I get to a computer, can't do it on my phone !   DONE !

Someone said That I like Pepsi Max..

But I don't really see it. Morning! Okay so 1 , yesterday was a flipping tiring day (in school), the clothing was fairly normal (not for the guys haha!), atleast for me. Totally got some 7thgrade memories! Had to dress in guy clothes. And then they welcomed us, we had to each dance an african dance, then we had to drink some liquorice (spelling..?) sauce, and then they sprayed water in our faces. Wasn't actually that bad, and now the tree days are over, awesome ! It was awesomely fun though.
Then later that day we went to Judes place with Bebban, and a few other people. I actually had an awesome time, (just gonna ignore the setbacks) we played slender with Bebban. That was. Well walking home trough a park with forrests on the sides in the middle of the night wasn't ideal. But even that was fun. Have to thank Bebban for that! De e som guld !
Then 2: on my way to my brothers place to work, later !


And that, my friend, is called being sober. JLo. YOLO.

Cinnamon & Sugar

Choo ! Just finished making some cinnamon rolls for my king. Have to give them to her tomorrow morning. Today I had to wear a Pippi Longstocking wig, go to the store in my toga and the wig and buy her a croissant, rub her back (lololol I probably sucked) and just put away her tray after she was done eating. And now just bake the cinnamon rolls. 
BTW I had totally forgotten about the night of the Arts, where I really wanted to go but, now it's just kinda like. Blah. No drinks, cold weather, just tiredness. Plus on friday we're gonna drink and play scary goddamn games. That's gonna be so awesome. Trying to find a decent download for Slender, but can't find one anywhere :/
Right but, that is all, bye !

Stolen picture

Todays english class. Stole it from someones facebook. It's just fair.




So far

Today so was, I've been sprayed with water, done something humiliating in front of over 100 people, and had to call my "slave master" "King" everytime I talked to her. Right now i have over 2 hours off, so I'm at home nomming, and in an hour I have biology. That is all, later !

Bought today

How do I dress for school?

Like a boss, biaaatch !


Pics instead of text. Sleep soon.

Problems can go fuck 'emselves

Hola ! Buenas noches. 
Just sat over an hour brushing my hair because I didn't have time this weekend. Fucking weekend festival ! :D 
Nah but seriously, I'm sick of problems and complaining about shit, just gonna try to have an awesome time.
Fuck it.
Today I was at my brothers place and finished the sketch, and talked about colour a little.
Tomorrow school, just 2 classes. So now I'm off, gotta shower, bye!

I'm Getting older now, Tell Me it's not to late

When I say Re, Yall say Drama


Nyanyanyan !!


Chooo. Just now copying the images from friday-today, had one of the most awesome weekends ever. More bout that later, cheers

Weekend festival day 2

Leggo !


Ohgodhavetogotosleep. I have not laughed this much at anything before in my life. OKAY, ¡buenas noches!


Hallo ! Came home around 30min ago. Chose some courses at school, I chose film, light, ceramics and computer graphics. Not sure that I'll get light, since only 4 people can take it. BUT anywho, today was chill, started at 9.30, had arts and english, then had free time til' 14.30 so we went to le city with Klara and Cia, well I came later because they thought I had a class so they went ahead. But I got some yogur helado and then saw justimusfilms at Kamppi, then went to forum and got some nom with Klara and Cia. Then back to school and chose the courses, and hooome. Also I'm not tired (normally I would have gone to sleep when I came home) thanks to coffee, thought it would be good to start getting used to it, because holy crap I'mma need it. 
Okay, but now I'm gonna draw. OH RIGHT LOL. Today at arts class we were supposed to draw everyone in the class, one at a time, without looking at the paper, just the peoples faces. Hahaha it was freaking hilarious. I have never drawn such ugly pictures in my life. Not even when I was 5. AAAAH.
Right. Now. Goodbye.


2 free periods today. At Klaras now to eat, hehe. So far I've had arts and psychology. Still biology left. Then gonna go buy makeup and go get Klaras gym lesson thingies. Byes !


Choo ! Came home a lil' while ago. Was at school and then a super quick trip at the city and picked up bus tickets with Bebban and Klara, and then to buy some school stuff.
So today at school was pretty much playing to learn other peoples names. Tomorrow's the first real day. Have to be at school 8am. and I get to go home 15.15(?). Yippie.
Here's pics from today

Time to get crafty

TOTALLY gonna do this. I love that it'll be all-black. And it'll be half price !

¡Buenos Días!

Ah spanish ! Anywho, good morning peeps, let myself sleep til' around 4 today, because school starts tomorrow. Although 'real' school starts on wednesday, tomorrow's just a informational gathering thingy. 
So today I shall do nothing. I'll miss doing nothing. That's the most awesome time. Later

La Chaqueta

Looks way better IRL too ! Gimme !

Giovanni Bassano

Hallo ! Just came home. Was with Klara and got some yogur helado and in some shops, then Spens joined and we walked around in some shops and then went to subway. Also this guy, Giovanni Bassano, was playing outside Stockmann, he was greeeat. And then we saw alot crazy people ( :P ) that were going to the madonna concert, hehe.
But yah, that's all for now, bye


Ps. Found the awesomest jacket ever !! 120€ .. So I'd have to survive winter with it to.


FALL dream outfit #2

I'll definitely have to buy black jeans, and a black leather jacket. Those are my must-haves this fall.


I shouldn't stay up late. Or be left alone. Also, I need to stop nerding myself, like right now !

My Mind might be a little unordinary. But I wish I was insane.

Greg ''Craola'' Simkins. Nuff said.


Mraawwww.. Wish I could always play. :3 

Dream Outfit

Pepsi saves the Day. Everyday.

Good day ! Watching Adventure Time and drinking Pebe. Todays plans are: Recover from this non-existant hangover (my excuse to get to do nothing). Still though.. 3 days, including today, until school starts. Holy fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. Not ready to start school. This summer went by waaaay to fast ! As always though. It feels like I've only been free for like 3 weeks, although it's been like 10. 
Well enough about that, let's enjoy the last free days ! I'm off, later

El Fiesta Pics

A few pictures from yesterday.. Hehe. A few..


Hay ! Just chilling on the balcony for the moment, drinking some yumyum cider. My parents will be leaving soon, and Klara should be on her way here. We're just gonna chill some, and later paaarteeeey. Anywho, gonna play some diablo 3 cause my brother installed it on my computer ^_^ So later !

Ah cleaning. My enemy.

Sooo today was spent cleaning and somehow spending all my time to.. Something. Nothing. I have no idea how I've already been awake 12 hours and I've done nothing.
Weell anyways, my brother went sailing today, he'll be back in 10 days. I fear I might lose the TV in my room then. Nooooo ! :(
Hehehe, but I'll play some mw2 now, so later.

Ps. This golden nail polish is loooovely

Yogur Helado

Hey, came home a while ago, got some frozen yogurt and just chilled with Klara. And she bought some tiny umbrellas for drinks for fridays fiesta ! 
K, but I'm home alone at the moment, so Imma put the music crazy loud, and clean and just renovate some walls and stuff like that. So yeah, later


Hallo ! Just now sitting and waiting for Klara at forums stop. Cia's gonna join to at some point. Not. We gon' get some frozen yogurt ! Anyhoe, that's all for now, byes

Mexican Art Part #2

All photos were taken by my brother in Mexico and/or Belize. All credit to him, and the amazing artists that made these.


Hallo ! Today's been the usual again, playin AC, and COD with my brother. Made some food and back to playing.


Mexican Art Part #1

All photos were taken by my brother in Mexico and/or Belize. All credit to him, and the amazing artists that made these. I took the liberty to edit them a little, colours etc.


Weeell some nights just aren't as planned. Still the beginning was fun and playn videogames with bebsu and mu brother was fun. Don't really feel like "partyin" ever again. Hummmm..

UPDATE: Yesterday wasn't that bad actually, I'm just not into some of the subjects the peeps there were talking about, footboll, the olympics.. Stuff like that.

And also the whole don't feel like partying thing wasn't because of yesterday, I just don't feel like it for some weird unknown reason. 

And the topic was a joke, ofc, I just have a weird sense of humour :)

And finished !

Time for paint


Picture Bomb - RHCP


Good morning

Hallo and good morning ! Playin AC and eating breakfast. I'll post the concert pics today at some time. Bye

Quick, tired, non-sober blogpost

I knooow, haven't blogged in 2 days, but concert on wednesday + today chilling @ Cia. But tomorrow I'll be back to normal. Goood night

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