Random pics from the past week

A few christmas pictures


The day before christmas, and I got the last of the presents bought.. Also some presents for myself :3
Now waiting for Bebban to come by so we can exchange presents ^.^ After that I have to start baking something for tomorrow, since we're spending chistmas at my brothers place, and I wanted to bring something.
It'll be just close family, so it's gonna be really nice, and chill. Lovely

The Wall

Just realized that I never actually did a post on my wall that I painted. So here's pictures, from start to finish. Did this quite a long time ago though. What can you do when you have a brain that forgets merely everything ! ^_^


Hallo, just listening to music and half sleeping atm, so figured I'd blog before I fall asleep.
So me and my brother went to buy a christmas tree today, and then me and my mother decorated it, so now I'm kind of getting a christmas feeling, not quite there yet. It looks lovely though :)
After that I finally went to see skyfall with Jonte ! It was totally epic, one of the best Bond movies, no doubt about that. The effects, VFX and the way it was filmed made me want to work with making movies when I grow up. It's a thought I've had for quite some time, but I know it's quite hard to get in the business, so I've never really given it much thought. VFX are something that I really want to do, only it's really freaking hard. I first thought about wanting to do VFX when I found Mike Divas videos, about 1-2 years ago. Anywho, in so case I would need a video camera, and some editing software..
Aight, so anywho, tomorrow I'm just gonna go buy my own christmas present and maybe game. Gotta get to lvl 90 during christmas, I promised myself !

Well goodnight then, and sweet dreams ^_^

Achievement unlocked

- Survived apocalypse

So good morning then ! First school free day, spent sick at home. After the school x-mas party yesterday, almost everyone went to celebrate, but I, I went home and went to sleep around 9. Feels bad that the day before the end of days you have to be at home sick.. Haha nah, but next time there's an apocalypse coming, I'll go ahead and party like there'd be no tomorrow (;
Anyway, today we're gonna get an x-mas tree, and then I'm gonna start my pokémon marathon, that has become a tradition around christmas for me.
So now, here's some pics from yesterday at school and one from this morning, bye


Good Morning

Today was a fairly normal day at school, just had to watch some of the christmas show rehersals, since I'm going to be doing the lights for the show, and that's what I'll be doing tomorrow and thursday in school, so basically no normal classes anymore, yay.
Well then, after school I met Cia and Marru and we went to a cafe and just talked for a couple hours, was real nice catching up with them. Came home around 8 I believe, and slept til like 11.. Haha now just gonna watch some anime and sleep, good night.

In the end, I wasted all my time last night with Anime.



Loss of words, so pictures. I'll try to blog tomorrow.

Early Christmas

Hallo. Just came home from my brothers place, we just celebrated christmas among close family becuse we won't be seeing each other at christmas. Though I was so tired from yesterday that I slept for almost an hour on their couch. Speaking of yesterday, it was mighty awesome ! Got to thank all the people who were there, they really made the night.
Anywho now I'm just gonna shower for forever and then go to bed early as fuq. So bai !

Pictures from yesterday

Stole em from Klaras blog, thanks !

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Can't sleep. Tried to fall asleep for a couple hours, but sleep obviously hates me. Always tired when I shouldn't be sleeping and always wide awake when I should.
Anywho, been home from school for a couple days because I got the usual headache, but tomorrow I'll be going back to school, what's awesome is that our finnish teacher has some personal stuff to do so we don't have finnish class, thank t-rex.
But here are my plans for the next week or so (so that I'll have no obligation to write about it later). Friday I'll be at this movie-night thing ^^ Saturday party at Nennes :D Sunday I'll be spending "christmas" with my brother and his family since I won't get to see them a christmas :( Monday I guess I should buy some presents... And tuesday I'll hang with Bebban and Marru :)
Anywho, I'm gonna go back to watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, so goodnight !


Night already

I have a feeling my next thousand blog posts are just going to be pictures, not really feeling writing, and I really don't have anything to write about. My life's quite empty for the moment. Not in a bad way. Just nothingness.
I'll get back to it at some point. Til' then, pictures, pictures.




Let Darkness be your Friend

#sodapoppin Til' I sleep

LAN with Jonte and Veppa

Independence Day

Yeh so didn't get a lot of.. blog-material pics yesterday, but had damn fun. Hahhah ohno these people d=(´▽`)=b We just chilled and played some drinking games, was a lovely evening ^_^ Anywho, today I'll be spending independence day at a lan, and then rest of the vacation reading for the SL retake exam... Kay well I'm off so, later

Lilla Jul with the family

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