RHCP tomorrow !!

Hallo ! Today was spent just resting and playing videogames, because tomorrow is the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Fuck yeah ! Tomorrow up at 6.30, train leaves around 8, then the concert, and then home at 2 am. 
Also getting to see poets of the fall and the vaccines since they're playing before RHCP.
Also, my brother's coming home from Mexico today, he should be here soon. Anyway, back to AC, bye.


Got my piercing today, Bebban and Cia came with me. When Cia went, me and Bebban went to some stores and to get frozen yogurt. Then I went with my mom to Ikea, bought some stuff home. Now I'm watching star wars, havin a marathon :3 Anywho here's todays pics

Christmas Episodes

Hallo. Just watching x-mas episodes of different shows. Himym, Community, Futurama, etc. I kinda really miss xmas. But. Winter sucks. Also starting to get excited for the RHCP concert ! Like 3 nights left, sweet.
Now, Imma count my money to see if I have enough to get that piercing. Bye

Mortal Kombat, Finally !

Here's what I bought today. And me.

Frozen Yogurt with Nenne

Hallo came home about 2 hours ago maybe. Was shopping with Nenne and I was gonna get my piercing, but the place was closed, and we didn't find another one, just wondered around for like over an hour hahaha. And then we got some frozen yogurt. Now, time for skins and pepsi. Later

Ps. Also got a ticket on the tram. Fuck it. Hahaha :D

Can't sleep

So I'll go ahead and paint then. I find the best ideas come to me at night.

Wow. The blog app sucks, doesn't it?

Holy crap it had flipped out. 
Anywho, tired as hell, slept like, 2 hours last night, it's a freaking miracle that I'm still awake. 
My mom's at a festival atm with her friend. That sounds so weird. She's at a festival. Can't believe she gets to see like Tiësto, Hardwell and Avicii. Fuck I wanted to go :D Although it's k18. Anyway, I did her makeup and hair since she wanted to look all party, but she doesn't really know how.
K, so tomorrows plan is, get the piercing (although I'm scared as fuck) with Nenne, then maybe go shopping a bit, something like that.
Well that'll be all for now, bye
Le Me today
Got these from Greece from my brother and his fiancé (:
My moms eye makeup that I did.


Hallo. Watching skins, like I've been doing all day haha. Anywhoo, my bro and his fiancé just arrived home. Going home tomorrow morning, lovely ^_^ Pics from today, Bye.



Just.. Nom..

Seriously, I have nothing to write about during the time I'm here. Not a thing. Cause every day is basically the same, go out with Minttu, and play videogames/watch TV/Just.. doing nothing on the internet. Hahaha, can't wait to get to the city again. 


Yay ! Klaras mum got the tickets to the JB concert ! Woke up to a text from Klara that said we got em', best wakeup ever. Then at ten I went out with Minttu, came back and slept until 4pm. Hehe. Now I'm just having a snack and watching Regular Show.

Kiwi !

Watching dragonball z and nomming on a kiwi. That is all, bye

Yes because 2km is the same as 4km..

Haha I love how my brother told me it was about a 2km walk to the store, when it was actually around 4. But atleast I got som exercise (apart from the 1,5h walking with Minttu). And yeah my back is kinda hurting from walking 4km with 4 liters on my back, yippiee. (Yes pepsi is totally worth it)
Anywhoo I think I'm gonna sleep some more. Bye

Well.. I happened to fall asleep for 6 hours on the couch today

So I'll be awake for a while. Today was spent just playing amnesia. That game.. it seriously freaks me out. It was a big mistake to play it in the middle of the night, just saying. Note: Do not use headphones when playing. You will  scream like a little girl.
Anywhoo ! Tomorrow's plans are: Go to the store and buy pepsi. Yeah.. That's it. But it's like a 4km walk back and forth so.. that's gotta count for SOMETHING ay?
Also I played some runescape today, haha brought back so many memories ! Maybe I should start playing that again.. Haha, we'll see, gonna go and see if I can catch some sleep, bye

YES or NO ?

Old pic (same shirt as today hehe) SO. Piercing? Or no.. ? UGH can't decide. Btw, love the hair colour.. I really want to dye my hair, but I wonder should I dye it lighter or darker.. Hmmm decisions..




Today's Song

Alex Turner, from Arctic monkeys. His solo songs are lovely. The best.

Today in Pics

Yeah.. I'll probably get these.. Or one pair.. Or both.. IDK

Just to Annoy the Hell outta people

...And there you go. Pissed of already :) Just kidding (; )

Today's Inspiration

Y so early ?

My brother, You did you show me this ?

Haha I watch it all the time.. :DD


Utkast: Maj 25, 2012 (Had to post)

Last time in Tallinn, what I bought. Everything except for the strawberry smoothie bottle is gone. Hahaha.. Have to save money & go again. Only now all my money is going to the JB concert ticket.. Sooo gonna have to figure out a way to get some cash. Maybe sell clothes? Don't wanna though :D Note: Next time, buy more breezers !

Today's Song

Forgot how much I love Klaypex ! Pretty sure I'm gonna fall for the same music that I listened to last fall again this fall. Klaypex, Vyncent Flaw, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pendulum etc.





Okay, so Diablo 3 is lethal now ?

From Iltalehti.fi
So basically, a 18 year old guy from Taiwan died from playing Diablo 3 for almost 2 days straight. Holy crap.. 



My fave song by JB at the moment, it's reaaally good (I seriously hope we get tickets!!) 

My sleep rhythm is going to hell

Good second morning ! Woke up today at 8.30, went out wtih the dog, came back, was up for like 40 minutes and went to sleep again. Anyhows, Minttu (the dog) is going crazy so I'mma go play for a while :) Byes


So my brother and his fiancé just left and I just made some noodles and I'm just sitting and listening to Justin Bieber. Going to sleep after I've eaten cause I have to get up at 8-9. So that's all today, good night

About to Leave

Hallo ! So okay awesome.. Justin Bieber is coming to Finland in April ! Yaaaay ! The tickets are out 24.7, so next week ! Just have to be quick as hell to get tickets ! Been waitin for like 2 years haha. Anyhows, about to leave for my bro's place, so byes !

Sleepy Sheep

Going to sleep after a couple episodes of the vampire diaries. Goodnaiiit ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃

So much cute.. #2


Lush's products seem awesome ! They're natural and people have said that their products are great. I'm totally gonna buy some lush stuff when I get home next week. Here's some of the stuff I'm thinking of buyin'


Good morning ! Got up like 2 hours ago, just been playn' AC since then. I still enjoy doing nothing hehe. Tomorrow I'll go to my brothers place since they leave at 2am tomorrow, so I have to be there in the morning. Anyhow, I paused the game just when I was about to assassinate someone, so I'll have to finish that now, bye :P

So much cute..

Hamtaro :3

I remember when I was a little kid I used to watch Hamtaro everyday before I went to school. And then I got a hamtaro plushie for my bday once. I just now a week ago found it again. That's what all the pictures are about hehe.
ANYWAY good morning ! Spent the morning watching Bleach and sketching. That's probably what I'll be doing the rest of the day.  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
I'm kinda starting to panic because I only have about 4 weeks of summer vacation left.. And 1 of those weeks I'll be taking care of my brothers dog. Noooou  ヽ(´□`。)ノ 
New school, new people, new everything. Although I'll have Klara there ! So that's good.
K, now, back to watching Bleach ! Byes 

OKAY OKAY, last post tonight..

.. promise !

BS !

Hallo ! Watching Penn & Teller Bullshit. It's fucking hilarious hahaha. I'm also kinda half asleep I think.. ^_^ So Imma go to sleep real soon so, goodnight


I  ♥ the new laptop !
I'm now adding the programs I want, games,making playlists and so on. Haha I've noticed I've started to get a LOT of pink stuff. My key, earbuds, candles, pillows, my towel, my nails are pink to and other stuff. And now a laptop. Hehe :3
Anyhow, so today my brother + family came over, we ate and talked and then he drove us to hobbyhall. There I picked this laptop and then it took like 1 ½ hours to get home by bus.. -.- After that I haven't done alot, just moving stuff from the old laptop. 
NOW I'mma get back to fixing this laptop, byes ^_^


Moving about 1tb pics, music, movies etc from the old computer to the new. Oh and ooooooooh I got le new computer :3 pics soon ! For now, I'm gonna stare at the computer and wait for it to finish. Bye


Hallo ! The day has started out as usual, with videogames, playin fable 2 today. My brother and his fiancé (don't really know how to spell that) are coming over soon, and I'm hoping my brother will have time to drive me and mum to hobbyhall, so I could pick a computer to buy. Aah can't wait to get rid of the laptop we have now, it has the worst noise ever. Sounds like a lion with rabies. Kekeke ^_^ okay but here's me today, I'm off, peace


Good Morning !

5 hours of sweet sleep ^_^ woke up at eight and made some dinner, and now I'm watching Naruto. And woo, don't have a crazy headache anymore ! I think I'm gonna paint something similar to my giraffe underwater painting now. Anyhows, gonna get my paints and brushes out, byes :3


Hallo ! Came home about 2 or 3 hours ago, and showered for 1 1/2 h.. Hahaha. Had an awesome time yesterday ! Although I got like 1 hour of good sleep, so that's what I'll be doing today ! Anyhow, here's some pics from yesterday, bye



Chilling @ a park with Cia, Klara, Elias, Jessica. Cheeers


Hallo ! Today was spent watching Bleach, making my book of epicness (just a book of inspiration) and redecorating my room. Tomorrows plans are almost as non excistant as todays, just gonna go buy the train tickets to the red hot chili peppers concert with Cia. Anyhows, gonna play some Mario, bye

Today's Inspiration

Today's song



Hello ! Just came home. I was with Klara at vapiano, then we shopped a little bit and went to robert's coffee. 
Now I'm gonna watch some dragonball Z, bye
I forgot to take a picture of Klara, so here's her header. :3

Le Pics

Sunday-Tuesday. Haha epic cottage chill. NOW sleep.


Hallo ! Last hour until we leave for Bebbans summer place. Now noming on some food, and gonna play some xbox before we leave. BTW WTF game of thrones season 2 ended in a bitchy way. Season 3 start, NOWW !! Hahaha. Yah but that is all, seeya wednesday ! (Unless the blog app is magically gonna start working again^_^) CHEERS
Btw I want one of these !

Long Nights and Sleepy Days


Excuse me, but. They're so kawaii :3

Game Of Thrones

Good Morrow ! Woke up 5 hours ago, played AC for 3, and now watching game of thrones. It's so flippin' awesome ! It's a little.. Bloody.. But. It's still epic. Anyhows, on sunday this will change since I'm going to Bebbans summer place with Klara (*´・v・) 

American PIE

Hallo !  Just sitting watching CSI from the TV, just now finished my new header ! Have to say I'm quite pleased.
Today I went to see American pie the reunion with Klara, it was super funny O(≧∇≦)O
After that, the usual, Assassins Creed and doing nothing, score !
Anyway, here's the old and the new header in comparison, that's all for me today, cheers !

New Header Soon?

Hallo ! Figured I'd throw in a real post.
Yesterday I was at Cias aunts place with some peeps. We chilled some, watched TV, it was nice :)
Today was spent.. Well. Sleeping, playing AC and reading Naruto. I slept about, what, like 16 hours. I'm still tired haha.
Also I'm gonna make a new header, I think. We'll see. But that may be all for today, so byes


Fucking perfection :3

SHINee (/^▽^)/ ♥

*Omg what has happened to me..*

Bought in Greece

Saturday & Sunday & Monday

So on saturday when I came home from Greece, I went over to Klaras place, and chilled some. And on sunday I went to the city with Klara & Mimmi, bought some Naruto books and Assassins Creed 1 & 2, then we went over to Klara to watch football, Spain-Italy. (Yay Spain won!) Then I slept over, came home today around 11 I think, and I've been playin AC since then, until now that I'm blogging, now I'm watching death note ^^. Anyhoes here are some pics, cheers !
From Sunday
What I bought, awesome haha
Klara got me these awesome earrings from Italy !
What I've been doing all day today !
Haha, short post ay?

Greece Part 2

Greece Part 1

HALLO ! I'm back, well, was back two days ago. But I've been busy since I got home. Spent some awesome time at Klaras place, ''shopping'', setting up my brothers TV etc, and playing videogames.
Anyhoes, more on that later, here are some pics from Greece, part 1 !

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