No blogging for A Week

Since I'm leaving for Greece in 4-5 hours, I'm not gonna be able to blog for the next week.
So I leave my blog now with these pictures that I took with my iPhone today on my way to my brother's place, not gonna see him until the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in August !
But yep, here are the pics, I'm gonna go watch some death note, peace

Izziyana Suhaimi

Just found these amazing drawings made by Izziyana Suhaimi.
I think I'm gonna have to ''borrow'' this idea and make one myself, but I'll leave that to after my vacation.

Death Note

Just yesterday I started watching Death Note, since watching dragonball Z for over 50 hours has started to kinda, bore me in some way. No worries, I'll love it in a while again, hehe. 
But seriously, Death Note, is so awesome. It's super entertaining ! I love how it looks, and the story is great.
ANYHOW, today will be spent packing and cleaning, since tomorrow we travel to Greece ! 2 years since my last vacation, so it's gonna be great. But now, back to watching Death Note, peace

I don't really want kinect but..

Always Good To Carry a Gun With You

Seriously, how sick aren't these Guardian Angel bags from Vlieger & Vandam designed by Hein van Dam and Carolien Vlieger? OH how great it would be to have one of these ! Altough a great price they have aswell, they cost from 199€ to 349€. They make other awesome bags and accesories aswell,

So.. Which One?

Right, so I've been in the need of a new xbox controller since the last one.. Broke. So I've been looking around for the most awesome controller to replace my old one. AAND I found som really awesome ones, but I can't choose which? They're all epic !
The controller that has like every button a different colour, comes with different button colour sets, so you can switch em' to any colour you want.

That's Awesome..

Not the usual tricks, right ?


The blog app isn't working so I can't post pictures, and I've just been on 9gag. Need to spread the lols ! Haha just realized I've already watched dragonball Z for about 37hours. Hahaha, I need to get out and do something else. But byes for now, I'll post le pictures later.

The usual

Good morning, starting the day with the usual, dragonball z. Wish I was a saiyan, hehe. Also looking for new games. Assassins creed 3, Halo 4 and NHL 13 caught my eye. And ooo, I might be getting my own tv after my brother's home from Mexico, since I get to borrow his for the time he's there. But I'd totally use it for a computer screen, and I could play video games in my room, so I'd probably play atleast 300% more. Probably gonna pay half myself but.. Still. Epic Wooo ! Have to save money now !

Love His Voice

Day 30 - Five good things that have happened during these 30 days

Day 29 - This is what I ate for breakfast


Cleaning & baking & buying gifts all day

My moms and dads b-day party is today. Well NOW. Been cleaning and baking and stuff all day. Made cake pops :3 and then I went to buy moms b-day present aswell. Sitting in the kitchen alone to avoid awkward chit-chat, haha. I'm so freaking anti-social, I can't believe it. But for now, byes !

And also here's pictures of me being anti-social. Yay


And the noms of course

And the tradition food (hehehe.. I'm so tired)


Sleepy time ! @04.32am [FIN]

Time for some sleep ! Getting up in 3 hours ! Byes

Still Alive Alright !

But tired, all the time. I'll have to finish the 30 days blog thing later. But for the record, haven't done anything quite worth to blog about, just been watching dragonball z. And went to prisma today and bought cereal and some necessary things. Haha my life is so exciting right now ! Have to say I love it though.
Anyhow, watching totoro right now, and eating cereal. So good night, I /might/ blog tomorrow. Byes !

Because I'm bored !

Need something to do with my hands all the time at night. It's like I wake up when the sun goes down. So now I'm sewing Some felt puppets on my suitcase. And watching TV. And listening to music.
Anyhow, today my brother came for a visit, and Marru came after her ticket to the MSI concert. My brother told me that te paint-job-thingy wasn't going to work out. Bummer, but a way bigger bummer for his friend so.. To lazy to explain but, sucks for him. But I have this serious urge to just paint something with oil ! We'll see, but when I get my hands on some paints I'mma make something fucking awesome ! Haha
But tomorrows plans: sleeeep ! I'm quite sleep deprived since 2 nights ago I didn't sleep at all, and last night I slept about 3 hours. So there's not gonna be much blogging, but I'll throw in the daily post, and maybe just a "I'm alive" post at some point ! Peace, and good night

Day 28 - the makeup i usually wear

Freaking LOL

14.8 !!

Went to tölö today to fill out some papers and get some papers. School starts 14.8. Crap I'm excited. For school. What ??? :DD
But yap, now just waiting for Marru to show some sign of life, cause we were supposed to do something, but she seems to have died or something. So for now, music and celebration Pizza, becuz TÖLÖ ! (btw Jimmy Wong has the most awesome voice ever)

Not quite as planned

The plan was: to to the beach and meet everyone and have fun !
What happened: went to the beach, was quite nice a while, then the police came and random people came to the beach and the feeling kinda died, so we scattered. But that's fine, still an awesome day ! Got in to tölö, and I have 9 seasons of dragonball Z (;

Day 27 - Your future wedding

If I want to get married of course. This isn't something that I dream about, like ''all girls do''. If I ever were to get married, it'd be a really small wedding, only close family, and some friends.
I mean, this doesn't seem that bad:

Wooooo !

Tölö here I come !

Aaaand still awake.. Feat. Dragonball Z


Seriously freaking out right now. Not long until you can see te results, if u got in to the school you wanted or not. Don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. At all. Holy crap, starting to panic like crazy !! Die adulthood, die !! :D I just wanna be a kid who's only trouble is that I've left my toy somewhere or that I can't have candy until friday. Haha.

Freaking awesome.

Haha, the dictator was epic ! If u haven't seen it, go see it. Without your parents would probably be good.. :D funny shit seriously.
Anyways, now I'm home, gonna read some Naruto :3 or watch dargonball Z, since I just downloaded 9 seasons.. Hehehe.. We'll see, but first of all, gonna open my H&M package and try my new jeans, bye

The Dictator

Gonna go and see the dictator eith Bebban now, just gonna go buy a couple naruto books first. Peace

Day 26 - Something you want right now

New stuff

So after all my portraits of people that I've made, I'm a little sick of it, and need to paint/draw something way else. So I figured I should try drawing manga and such. So gonna start working on that !
And also today was spent doing nothiing, but I've kept myself busy, tomorrow gotta stay in again because my old "boss" migh pick up the cart that I delivered the magazines in and the keys. He's kind of an idiot. Happyface.
But now back to nothing and being happy :) Actually feeling happy for the first time in a while. It's weird. Can't complain though !


Day 25 - This I am addicted to

Volume One, Done !

I had bought the first volume of Naruto as I thought that I could read it in Greece, or the plane there, but.. I've already read it. Holy crap, it's awesome already. Have to go buy volume 2,3,4, atleast. I definitely recommend it. I've only read dragonball Z before, which is awesome aswell. I can't believe i hadn't even heard of Naruto before my friend told me about the game and was like shocked that I hadn't heard of it, haha.
Oh and also, made the most epic bookmark ever:

Nailpolish That Suits Me ?



Here's the pics of what I bought :) (+a black bikini bottom and some underwear):

Shopping feat. Nenne

Just came home from shopping with Nenne. Bought almost everything I need for the vacation to Greece. Gonna Post pics later. Anyways had alot of fun :)
And now: modern family & chiilll.

Day 24 - My computer

Well, I technically don't own a computer, I just use my mothers laptop and my brothers old desktop computer, although I do believe the desktop computer is mine now. Both of these computers.. kinda.. suck. That's why I'm saving for a new desktop computer (I really don't want a laptop!) and my mom is going to buy a new laptop, as soon as my brother will give us a lift ti hobbyhall (We don't own a car, u see). But for now, these are the computers I use at the moment:

What Time Is It ?

Day 23 - Favourite nailpolish


3:40 am. in Finland right now, aand I'm still awake. Just sitting watching Adventure time and making a friendship bracelet. The sun is coming up. Maybe I should stay up the whole night? Hmmm..

God I'm tired. As you can see by that ^
Haha, for now, bye !

Day 22 - TV series I love

Wauh. Should I name all of them? Well, I'll try(Highlighted are EPIC):
How I met your mother, Futurama, Will & Grace, Friends, Gossip Girl, 3rd rock from the sun, vampire diaries, Ugly Betty, That 70's Show, Entourage, Community, Dexter, Heroes, How to make it in America, It's always sunny in Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, Phineas and Ferb, Pokémon, DragonBall Z, Scrubs, Sex and the City, Skins, Spongebob Squarepants, Terra Nova, Lost, Prison Break, The big bang theory, South park, The league, Two and a half men, The fairly oddparents, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who.

Then the series I watch the most  at the moment:

Nailpolish Marbled Shot Glasses

A quick project I had today. Since  my nights are getting longer day by day, I figured I should do something else than play videogames, right? Anyways, here's what I did:

Forever 21 & H&M

Been windowshopping for hours now. Found so much I want. Haha, always gonna want more and more. Anyways, here's what I've found.

If You're gonna do Something Wrong, Do it Right.

B&J and watching VGHS on youtube. Sweet days of nothingness.


Lying in my bed, can't fall asleep (surprise..) so I figured I'd look at some photos from Greece. Ooh my god, I can't wait. We leave in about 2 weeks. Gonna spend 1 week there. I could stay there the whole summer, that'd be sweet. Naah but living with Cia for a week will ve epic aswell so :) k but I'm gonna try to sleep or just watch some youtube videos, g'night

Here's a pic from google of the place we last visited in Greece, Rhodes. I loved that there was a beach on both sides, and that you could actually swim from one ocean to another. :3


Gotta love these "I have nothing to say so I'll just post a picture of what I'm doing right now" posts right? Haha

Day 21 - Favourite spot

My bed of course !

Day 20 - What I Bought Last




Late Night Gaming

Just got this sudden urge to play legend of Zelda about 4 hours ago. Oops. 4 hours. Hehe. No but I need annew game seriously, I've played skyward sword through once already, but that's nothing compared to portal 2. (5times...) :3 anyhow, going to bed soon, just gonna watch a couple episodes of futurama. Goodnight :)

Le Me today Ay ?



Day 19 - My family

Well there are my parents, Mikaela and Vesa, then there are my 3 big brothers, Sebastian, Christoffer and Rasmus. Just gonna post pictures of my brothers, (hope that's okay :P) because I feel weird posting pictures of my parents, plus I don't have any on my phone.

Le today

Today was spent 1. Doing nothing with family 2. Cleaning like crazy ! 3. With Klara and some other peeps :) met Klara around 9 ( I thiiink...) and went to kone, via McDonalds, hehe. So then we met the other peeps and spent some time in the park. Then when I was going home I was gonna take the tram, so I took the number 4 tram to töölö only to find out that the number 10 tram wasn't going anymore. Fuck this shit. Had to walk home from there, wasn't that bad, it was just cold. But it was chill. Anyhow, now I'm just watching modern family and gonna go to sleep soon.


Day 18 - Here I shop the most

Mindless Self Indulgence @ Nosturi

So saad right now. Mindless self indulgence is coming to Finland, but I have no one to go with. I loove mindless self indulgence. :(


Day 17 - Here I want to travel before I die

HOW am I supposed to decide that? I want to travel everywhere ! But I guess the places I want to go to the most, right now, are these:

Good Morrow Sir !

Woke up an hour ago but I can't seem to get up. And it seems I've dialed some people in my sleep because I had left my lock off. Haha. But I'm gonna try to get up. Have to practise my english pronounciation (I have no idea whether I spelled that wrong or right) since I'm gonna make a painting for my brothers friend who's from the US, I believe, and he has this idea that he wants to discuss. But yap, gotta get up now. Bye


Day 16 - What my weekends look like

The Finnish Defence Forces' Day Parade 4.6.2012 #part 2

The Finnish Defence Forces' Day Parade 4.6.2012 #part 1

Went to see the Finnish Defence Forces' Day Parade today, saw some awesome jets and helicopters etc. Then we went to see some navy vessels, you could go aboard the ships. Just. Epic. I think I will go to the army. That would be kickass.

Here are the photos I took today, part 1 !



Just ate "breakfast" with my brother and his wife and my parents. No hangover which is awesome. Although only had a hangover once so i wasn't suspecting that anyways. But had a blast yesterday though, haven't laughed that hard in so long ! Haha, rolling in the sand and laughing is awesome. ^_^ but yep, gotta go spend time with the peeps, bye

Day 15 - A celebrity you wish you could meet

Day 14 - Your biggest dream

To be happy.

Pictures from yesterday & Schoool is OVER !!

Waiting 4 the tram

Some Shopping

Just came home, spent some time shopping and hanging out with Klara & Cia. We went to eat at La Grill -before that we are ice cream :3- and talked some, nice :) I don't think it's hit me yet that tomorrow is the last day that I will see some people, like, forever (probably). Crazy. BUT I am super excited to go out junior high and start highschool. No matter where I get in (2 chances: Tölö or Brändö, otherwise I'm not going).
Anyhow what I bought today was some hair dye, a foundation, some surfer shorts, and a bikini top. Pictures follow:



Sitting in school waiting to go home. Planning tomorrow with Cia and Marru.

I wonder If There's Anyone that gets Me..

Year old painting. Just gonna keep posting these until I get something to write about haha.


Painting #2 that I made in January 2012, the first painting I made this year, made with promarkers.

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