What A Weird Movie, Bro

Came home a while ago, spent some time with my brother and his family.
Anyhow the movie we saw, chronicle, was weeird as fudge. The beginning was good, but then it just kinda got out of hand. Anyways it was awesome hanging out, and we got some grub before the movie to catch up on everything that's been happening. Anywaays, I kinda wanna have a party, or a chill-night, but I have the two following weekends filled. Maybe I should have a monday party again, that was quite epic, haha (;.

Okay but I'm off, gonna read some (btw catching fire seems just as good as hungergames).


Just now I'm sitting in the tram on my way to see a movie with an old friend i haven't met in a long time. Feels good. Since some (one) friends don't seem to appreciate my friendship, it awesome to hang with someone who does. Anyways, more bloggin' after i get home. Peace

Angry Birds Soda !

Just a quick blog ! Drinking angry birds soda & playn' skyward sword. Peerfection.

The Hunger Games

Oh my gosh. A couple of days ago i finished the first book of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Holy bagels I was hooked after the first 20 pages or so. I haven't watched the movie yet, I'm probably not gonna for a while. I'm gonn read all the books first, then wait til' I'm not totally attached to the story anymore, and then watch the movie, in that way I won't be as dissapointed when I watch the movie if it sucks.
Anyhow, today my mum went and bought the two last books, yay ! So that's what Imma do today since I don't have any plans. Tomorrow I might meet an old friend.. Haven't really decided if I wanna open that door again.. But we'll see. And on sunday, I'm going to see a movie with Klara :)

Okay.. Now i have to run to the house across ours and shower. God i hate this renovation. We had some water damage in our bathroom/shower, so they have to dry the floor for like 2-3 weeks. FML? Yep.
So later, peace !

Today's Inspiration


Just came home a while ago from Bebbans. We played fifa 12 for hours, screamed like crazy at the TV haha. "Tackle! Get the ball! Nooo! Goooaaaal!". And so on hah. I just ate dinner, and now I'm watching Regular Show. I still have some work to do today, sorting the newspapers. So this'll probably be the last thing i blog today, so seeya tomorrow !

Late Pics on my Last Shopping

I forgot to put photos of what i bought last week, so here they are. I bought these plus a powder, some facemasks and a couple earrings.

Oh and I'm really lazy with writing alot in my blog entries, so I just fill it with pictures, sorry bout that, haha !

Anyhow, here's the pictures:


Chris Collins

Okay so I have this thing, that when i find a new youtuber, I just can't stop watching their videos, so far I've gone through Mike Diva, Charlie McDonnel, Bmsaltao(Bruno.. Something..) and a couple more. I call it a youtube-crush, which it kinda is. Stupid? Yes, perhaps. But that's me. It's the same thing as any JB fan has a crush on him, you know, it's not really ''real''.
So now, my youtube'crush is Chris Collins, from Canada. He's frickin' adorable, seriously. And i actually love his singing voice.
Anyhow, here's some of his videos:

Le Photoshoot Part 2

AND LASTLY, a happy photographer :)


And that's all the pictures I'm choosing to show, there's about 100 more.

Today's Inspiration

Sleepy Sleepy

My gosh I'm tired ! Been all day, + a headache. Maannn.. Maybe it's because I haven't drank redbull in like 3 days, haha. Nah but I'm gonna take a 2hour nap (naps are precious:) and blog after that, hopefully. Later !

Change of Plans

I was supposed to go to Bebbans today and play fifa with Cia, but Bebban has tennis at 4, and we could come over at around 6, but i have to be home at 8 so.. We're gonna do it another day. I'm going over to my bro's place instead.

Got up at like 11o'clock today, woke up to sunshine(:
But seriously what's up with the weather? It's supposed to be spring now, but then it snowed through the night. WTH? At least it's plus degrees.
I'm now watching adventure time (as i usually am) and drinking pepsi max. I'm in a real good mood cuz it's sunny :) I'm probably gonna blog before i go, so cya !

My drawings almost 2 years ago?

I just looked through my old pics on the computer, and came across my old drawings. Can't believe it's just 2 years ago, and how much better i've gotten, if i can say so myself. Here's a pic to demonstrate.

Can't even tell the difference (;

Well, today hasn't been very special, slept for about 18 hours.. Got up, watched some Phineas and Ferb, then i drew for a couple hours, went to work, came home spent some familytime, drew again a couple hours, and now i'm here. Tomorrow though will be a little more productive, gonna go play FIFA at Bebbans place, with Cia.
Anyhow right now I'm just listening to music, something i've been doing a whole lot lately, just sitting doing nothing listening to music. It's like my meditation.

I'm thinking of doing the 30days blogging list thing, i just don't know if i'll have the energy to do it every day.
I'm also gonna make a new header and theme, one that suits me better !

But seriously, i'm dead tired, so imma go to sleep now. Sweet dreams :)

Le Photoshoot Part 1

Here's the pics i took with Mimmi and Klara. (Btw i can't change the ''link'' colour anywhere, the hell?)

More pics later!

WeeklyChris drawn by me (:

Here's a drawing i've been makin for the last 2 days, it's all finished now :) It's of Chris Collins, a youtuber, he's amazing :)

A little photoshoot

Hade idag BK, så vi gjorde en liten photoshoot med Klara och Mimmi, eller nåh, ja fick tagga me deras photoshoot som photograf. It was funnn :) sätter säkert bilder i nå skede när ja lite själv ha edit dom. Men now i'm off, har work to do..




Shopping (:

Var idag i stan och köpte lite tidiga födelsedagsklappar till mig från mamma, haha. Köpte en topp, en väst, en halsduk, en mössa, 2 örhängen, ansiktamasker och en puder. Yay, bilder typ imorgon. Målade idag också till slut mina fönsterkarmar och balkong dörr. Fick också en shit load of tidningar att dela ut fan ! It's like.. Crazy much. Anyhow, är insanely trött idag, so imma watch a couple episodes of Game of Thrones och sedan tuti :3 Så bye!

And here's a pic of the earrings i bought:


Today's Inspiration

Love my new Shoes !

Kom för en stund sen hem, var och hängde på stan en stund med Cia. Vi gick i några butiker och sedan o safka. Köpte ett par najs sneakers från H&M, var helt heartbroken när de var slut på H&Ms nätshop, så WHEEW ! Fick också min weekend festival biljett idag hem ! Awesomeness !
Sitter nu och lyssnar på Pendulum och ritar. Så cheers, hörs


August Is Going To Be Epic !

Just today i bought my ticket to the weekend festival 17-18.8 vart vi far me en semi liten porukka, Klara, Mimmi, Bebban, Jude och kanske Cia, Nenne och Otto. Där uppträder bl.a skrillex, david guetta och redrama ! It's gonna be so effing awesome !
Och sen ännu för att göra augusti more awesome, så skall jag den 1.8 med Cia på Red Hot Chili Peppers keikka !
Anyhow var inte idag i skolan, vaknade med den värsta huvudvärken i mitt liv fan ! Den e pretty much gone nu, men huj sån dag ändå. Imorgon går jag nog till skolan, har ju BK (: Har iaf nu bara fastnat och lyssnat på The Beatles typ i en timme haha, tiden går ju jätte snabbt ! But back to doing nothing then, bye

We Only Live Once !

Haha yesterday was awesome! Only crappy thing was that my neighbour knocked on out door and complained :O i got a little scared bout that! And damn it, testade röka cigarr.. It was weeird. :D men anyhow tog bara ett par pics, but here they are !

The Clothes !

This is what i'm wearing today! Första gästerna borde knacka på 4 tiden. Anyhow, blev just färdig with mu makeup och skall ta och chilla en stund och bara dricka lite pebe! Lates


What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Ser just now på adventure time, sen skall jag work a couple hours, and then cleeean, and then paaaartej! But later, kanske uppdaterar senare idag!

Aw :3

Haha, naaww i have the nicest brother in the world, han köpte ti mig en choklad ask för de är kvinnodagen idag. Anyhow skolan gick skit snabbt idag, och jag väntar såå mycke på lördagen när det är fest hos mange! Woo! Tittar n på Phineas and Ferb, i väntan på sommarn :3 väntar på att mina nudlar är färdiga oxå, so i'm off, CHEERS!


Alltså ja e helt hooked i adventure time ! Är redan på season 3 fan ! De typ en ritad serie om jake & finn som går på adventures all the time. De som att titta right into my mind. Men yes, school's been normal, va igår o lära VFX hos Vilhelm och idag har jag bara varit hemma, been doing some secret stuff :3 Nu skall jag sortera tidningarna som skall delas imorgon, det kom helt FML mycket tidningar, som tur att det är vintersportdag imorgon så man slipper hem tidigare ! So CHEERS!

Fuck Yesterday was AWESOME

Vaknade idag till solen, no hangover, with a smile on my face. Hade så sjukt roligt igår hos Laura! And i'm so happy that helped dos people to realize some things :P mehehe. Men alltså DAAAMN de sku få vara sommar! Att få dricka o hang out me friends everyday. Att få sova ti 3 varje dag i 2 månader. Lovely. Vi skall med Cia till tallinn före sommaren och köpa lite dricks(; Före det köper jag nog några vergin av Fem. Men yes skall ta och spiila lite nu, så adios!
Ps. 96 dagar till sommarlovet !


Chillin' with Cia

Work Is Done, Now We Party !

Tog 2h att dela ut tidningarna, kom just hem lyssnar på AC/DC, black sabbath, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin osv. Skall börja fixa mig nu, så heips !

No More Green !

The Transition from green to purple hair has begun! Tog ihår avfärgning och blondera håret, är lite torrt och dött nu, but that's ok! Skall färga det först helt vitt-blont så jag sen kan färga det ljus lila nångång i början av april ! :)
Anywayskom just hem och downloadar lite music ! Skall sortera tidningarna när de kommer, men for now, lates!

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