A painting I made about a year ago, just thought I'd post it, since I haven't got anything to write about!

My School Project

Day 13 - A photo someone took of you

From le tallinn ship, Cia took the photo. (:


Skipping day 12 - Your room right now

Because it looks like a bomb went off in my room for the moment, haha. But I'll post it later.

Yay :)

The school project I made went quite well :) Although I was in a super rush at the end when they were already showing other peoples projects, I made it in time, WHEEW ! I could have used some more time to make the actual video, but it'll do. I'll probably post it here when I get my memory stick back. But for now, I'm gonna go now cause my tram is here now, peace

Niornas bal

Uuummm.. Kinda sucked :) but saturday will be better ! Hopefully..

Day 10(a little late) - what your future looks like




Day 11 - The City You Live In


Haha Jacksfilms..

Yesterday was spent with some friends, first me and Cia just went to a park and chilled, then when some more people came we went to my place. It was fun, loads of random stuff was heard though O.o
But anyhow, now I'm just chilling, watching Jacksfilms and eating lunch. Nom & Bye !

Day 9 - Your bag contains..?

Do Want !!

Being Bored Makes Me Put Loads of Makeup on And Take Photos. Part 2

Green Tea

Just sitting drinking my green tea. In a few days my thoughts have gone from ''sweet, school is almost over, no worries in the world'' to ''what the fuck is happening..?''. I mean, I'm not sad or anything, just, confused as hell :D GODDANGIT ! But yas, no more bout that. Btw, forgot how much I love fintelligens, been listening to so much dubstep, drum&bass, rock. Fintelligens 4 life, as I've said before :3 But for now, I shall not write about any more unimportant stuff, so peace.

Being Bored Makes Me Put Loads of Makeup on And Take Photos. Part 1

Day 8 - A picture of your closet


Just came home from Linnanmäki, was awesome !
Woke up at 11, went to schooö right away, then at 11.50 me and Nenne went to Linnanmäki. Here r some pics :

Isabel Marant #2

Give me 500€ more? (:

Day 7 - The Funniest person I Know

The funniest people i know in real life would have to be Marru and Justus (:


just came home from le gym, it was a pretty good workout 1h2min I think(?). Tomorrow again with Nenne after school. Maybe if it's sunny go tanning afterwards. But yap, right now I'm just eating my dinner, salmon soop, and after this gonna take a shower, peace !

Day 6 - The Blogs You Read

1st drawing done.

Juat finished my first drawing for my project, wouldn't put it up here unless I needed it tomorrow in school and don't have a memory card. Better this than facebook ! But yep 1st one:

Most epic video in the WORLD.

Made by Nenne, Cia & Me. Peace !

Gemma Ward and..?

So sitting at home now, came from school 15min ago. I got the camera and I'm pretty much ready to start doing my project, but I can't choose the second person I wanna draw.. I'll start with Gemma ward today but then.. Whoo..? But yep, eating some fruuit right now just thinking, after that, wooork!
Gonna draw 3h today, then around 6 go to the gym with Klara and maybe Nenne. Soo.. Bye !


Just some pics from today, a red wings drawing I made, which Allu wanted so ended up giving it to him, then videoediting with Nenne, it was the best thing we've ever made !! Aand a pic of our biologi class. We did nothing.

Day 5 - A photo of You 1 Year ago

Early biiird is tired

Just sitting waitinf for my dentist. I can not seriously believe I got up today. Quite proud of myself :D but yep.. Back to sleeping on a desk. Bye

..you've gotta be kiddin' me..

Insanely tired, to tired to get outta bed, to tired to do anything. But. I can not fall asleep. Been trying for 3 bours now. I should just get really drunk and pass out so that I could at least get a couple hours sleep. Fuck this. Plus, dentist at 8.40 tomorrow.. Yay. Helping so much.

Filppula #51

A quick drawing of Valtteri, been wanting to draw him a long time now. I actually wanted to draw him for my school project, but I just had to draw him now. :3 I might draw another better one of him for the project, one with a red wings theme. Detroit red wings. Best NHL team ever. But yep, here it is, I'm gonna play some portal, peace!

Day 4 - Someone you look up to

My brother. Rasse. He's just living his life, enjoying it. He pretty much does what he wants to, he travels, parties, he's taking his time thinking about what he wants to work with. He's freaking going to Mexico for a month in the summer with his friend. God that's awesome. He's definitely the person I look up to the most. Of course there are others who I look up to, like my favourite artist Greg 'Craola' Simkins for example.

And also..

Redbull gives you wings, you see?

Sitting on the balcony drinking redbull, waiting for Nenne to text me, we gon' go to the gym soon. Didn't really feel like going to school today, plus I had a headache so I stayed home. Quite unnecessary since there was like 2(?) real school days left, haha. But yep, I'm off, peace

Next year then..

No bronze, better playing next year. 4th is OK though. :)

Day 3 - Your Friends

Day 2 - Five cutest/handsomest guys

Not choosing people I actually know ofc (: But here's my top 5

1. Valtteri Filppula

2. Charlie McDonnell

Tumblr_lavsr5smix1qbc2b1o1_500_large Charlie_mcdonnell_by_clarissaask-d4lcjj6_large

3. Chris Collins

4. Justin Bieber

Tumblr_m44s73a3wq1qbzp2bo1_500_large Tumblr_m447n8s7j51rv1qjho1_500_large

5. Mike Dahlquist

Day 1 - Write about yourself

Well, my whole name is Ninni Evelina Hägglund, some people call me Hege. I'm 16, born 28.4.1996. On my  free time I like to draw and paint, play videogames, watch series&movies, listen to music, hang out with friends, and ofc sleeeping. The most important people for me are my big brothers, my youngest being the most important. After them, my friends.
I haven't really got any plans for my future, just going to get through school and see what happens.
That's all I've got to say about myself, not going to go into personal stuff !
Peace :)

This is me then :

30 days

1. Write about yourself
2. Five cutest/handsomest guys
3. Your friends
4. Someone you look up to
5. A photo of you 1 year ago
6. The blogs you read
7. Who is the funniest person you know?
8. A picture of your closet
9. Your bag contains..?
10. What does your future look like
11. The city you live in
12. A picture of your room right now
13. A photo someone took of you
14. Your biggest dream
15. A celebrity you wish you could meet
16. What I do on weekends
17. Here I want to travel before I die
18. Here I shop the most
19. Your family
20. A photo of what you bought last
21. Favourite spot
22. TV-series you love
23. Favourite nailpolish
24. A photo of your computer
25. This I am addicted to
26. Something you want right now
27. Your future wedding
28. A picture of the makeup you usually wear
29. This is what I ate for breakfast
30. Five good things that have happened during these 30 days

What The Fuck ?

What have I done wrong ? Nothing really. I said one thing, which IS harmless, but that somehow has probably spiraled into something HUUUGE ? But I can't know if no one fucking tells me anything. Fuck seriously. Fuckfuckfuck !!


(Update: All good now. Pretty much a missunderstanding.)

Kiitos Joensuu ♥

3-2 Finland-USA. Russia on saturday, but I won't be able to see it, have to be on a family thing at 3... Yay, kids ruining everything again (; just kidding just kidding, but I'm so excited haha. :D


Yesteday after school just came home and went to hesburger with my dad. Cia came after her stuff she left here, and then i spent an hour wondering if I should to to the beach or not haha. Ended up going though, and it was half raining but there was a roof, and it ended up being awesome. After that me and a few people went to Otto and spent some time there, was niice :) Going home ended up being quite ass haha, had to take the bus to a place 1-2km from home and had to walk from there. Wouldn't have been that bad, but it was freaking raining like someone would have thought it would be fun to throw an ocean from the sky.
Anyhow, woke up today around 11, and haven't got any plans so just gonna chill half asleep the whole day. :3

But yep, here's some pics from yesterday, stole a couple from Femis and Roopes instagram (::

Estonia pics

Estonia tomorrows, perhaps ?

Going to Estonia tomorrow with Cia. Ooh my god. Trying makeup right now, to look as grown up as I can. Hehe.

Iron Man

Just chillin and watching Iron Man 2. Just watched the first one. I SHOULD be studying. I have 2 tests tomorrow. Math and fysics. But. Lazy. :) peace


Finland, step it up bros. God.


@ Cias. 1-0 to USA. Feat. Klara Cia Linq Ville

Chill and.. Well.. Weird movies

Just came home from Cia. We just chilled there, Nenne, Bebban, Klara, Jude & obviously Cia were there. In the end it was just me, Jude and Cia and we watched some weird stuff from the TV. Seriously. I can't believe we watched that haha. Anyhow, now making noodles and gonna watch the lord of the rings again. Yaya !

Lack of words

Hey, sorry for the lack of blogging, but haven't really had much to write about, I've stressed a whole lot aswell (about next year & exams & stuff). But to summon up:
Friday: insanely chill school day, 1 lesson; movie. 2 lesson; movie. 3 lesson; watched skins. After school I came home, tyen went to kisis and bought my kisis card with my dad. Then we went and ate at some random restaurant (more like a pub) and then I came home, slept for an hour, then just chilled with my family (since my mom isn't home on mothersday I had to stay at home), until 20.00 when the Finland-Canada match started. My bet was 2-1 to Canada, guess they were better than I imagined, although I have always loved Canadas team, and they're the ones I want to win IF Finland doesn't. So they won 3-5, which was ass, but Canada is awesome at hockey so.. Not bad. After that I stayed up until 2 a.m just watching Dr Who. :3
Today: my parents went to our summer cottage, so I'm alone til' tuesday. Been cleaning today, changing my room a whole lot. My room was kind of "grown up" before, and it didn't really feel like my room, so I had to put back all my nerdy stuff and such. Like my triforce shield on the wall, my mario cubes and so on. Now it looks like a 9 year olds room. :) aaand now I'm just blogging and listening to music, gonna play some videogames. Kind of want to play portal 2 again. Or skyward sword. Or twilight princess, which I haven't finished yet. K but, bye !

Today's Inspiration

Charlieissocoollike :3



Doctor Who ?

Totally hooked to Dr Who again. Have all seasons downloaded, but if anyone wants to check it out it's on tv on the second channel on tuesdays around 18-20 I think. I seriously wish I was british or english. K, but, I've been writing this post for like half an hour because this show keeps distracting me. Now it's 40 minutes. K, bye.

Can't choose..

Practikum or tölö/brändö. Tomorrow is the practikum selection test, and I'm having serious second thoughts about if I want to go to practikum or not. If I want to ho to tölö or brändö, I could easily fail the test on purpose, or just not take the test. But I don't know what I want. I've been thinking about this pretty much 24/7 for like 4 days. What should I do..?

School #2



Too Tired To Write


Reading for our religion test tomorrow. Gonna go to sleep (again, been awake about 3 hours) in half an hour. Sorry for the boring bloggin', but nothing's happening right now. Just. Plain old rutines. But yep, good niight

(and also, enjoy this super cute picture of JB)

Monday's are just..

So.. Demanding. I guess. Math-gymnastics-SL-fysics. I'm actually quite happy with my gymnastics performance, I freaking hit the ball with the bat for once, haha !
But yep, on my way home, have a freaking headache, so probabaly gonna take a nap. So bye

Vittusaatanavittuvittuvittuvittuhelvetesatanvittuperkelesrövhålsatanvittu. Vittu.



Home and watching the game of thrones. Seriously awesome show !!
But haha today when I was shopping two japanese girls stopped me and showed me some video of God or "our spiritual mother" or something, she said it would take 2 minutes so I figured id me nice and watch it, but then she wanted to show me another video and it was like 10 minutes long so I said that I had to go. It was really hard not to laugh since I don't believe in God or anything like that. And then she asked for my telephone number and I was like NOOOO i don't think so I have to go bye.
But I'm gonna bail, take a shower. Peace

Suck it Slovakia :)

1-0 to Finland. I'm on the tram going home from Cias skriba party. It was fun altough I mostly just sat and watched the hockey game. But I oove hockey so, it's not like it bothered me (; but yep, I'll blog when I get home, peace

Fuck people are fuckin' messed up !

So today I went over to Cias to help her with her skriba party, Klara came to. It was quite nice, Cia made a yummi meal once again and then we went to a dog park with her dog. There was this one dude who was super creepy. First he stood outside the dog park for quite a long time. Then he entered the park and went to sit on a bench. Then he went out the dog park from the other gate. Then after a while, he was walking outside the first gate again. When we left the park me and Klara had to use the restroom so we went to a teboil. Cia stayed outside with her dog. Then that same creepy guy went over to Cia and asked if she wanted to hear about some spiritual things (I think?). WTF?
THEN when me and Klara were walking home, we were in pikkuhuopalahti, there were 3 black guys and one white. Suddenly the white guy falls down to the ground and two of the black guys starts walking away BUT one stays and KICKS the guy on the ground in the face. WHAT??! Then some older guy started yelling and running after them, and they ran away, the guy who kicked the man on the ground was fucking laughing ! Then the police came, there was one van, a regular police car and some police on horses searching for the 3 guys. Then later I saw one of the guys walk past my balcony with his hood on, hopefully they got caught god damn it. Seriously. Fuck. The. What. (ps. I don't care if they would have been black or white, I was just describing what happened).
Anyhow, gonna take a long shower now, I'm actually quite shocked about what happened. So no more blogging today. Bye.

Still Awesome

Just started listening to Vyncent Flaw again. Just as good as before. Better, I fuckin love Mike Diva. Haha, had about 370 listenings on my last computer on B.F.D. The first 100 was the first day. Hahaha.

The Usual Shit

Adventure time and cereal. Taking it real slow. Gonna download some music. I was supposed to go buy some stuff today, but I'm way to tired. Haha. Maybe tomorrow if I have time. But seriously though, like 4 weeks of school left, wooo! K but I'm gonna download music now, 1/3 of the list done. Peace


Just had our finnish test about Kalevala. Went OK I think. Getting up from bed is getting harder and harder for every day that goes by, the less days there are til' summer vacation. Almost freaking skipped school today, haha. Anyhow todays plan: do nothing and sort the magazines, 3 times left !! Had to quit it sucked so hard ! :D tomorrow I'm going over to Cia with Klara to help organize her skriba party, which is on sunday.
Okay but now back to doing nothiiiing, because we have the awesomest teacher, haha. Peace

Sleepy sleepy

So today I've been super inactive. Got an hour late for school, half asleep the whole school day. Then I went an saw the Hunger Games, which was OK, compared to the books it was pretty MEH. Atleast Peeta was cute :3 After that I came home, and went to sleep, slept for almost 5 hours. Going back to sleep now, not really feeling like being awake. Peace

5 pages left

Downloading all the music to my ''new'' computer right now. Have a list of 6 pages on songs to download, dowloaded 1. So that's my excuse for the lack of blogging today ! I'll blog tomorrow, yeah? Peace


Soo today's been awesome. The day started off a little crappy because I had to clean for like 2 hours, atleast. But then at around 3 I went over to Cia's place, Klara was already there. Then some other people came over and we had a BBQ, (??) we grilled steak, sausages and made a sallad, well, Cia did all of it. It tasted good and the weather was (still is) freaking heavenly ! Now I'm just chillin, listening to pendulum and I'm gonna put some pics to facebook soon. So peace !

Pics from today:

And me today with my new sweater and the earcuff I got for my b-day :)

Le presentos !

Here's what I got yesterday for my b-day :) Yay


May day was fine, just had a short mental break down, therefore the last post. It was actually really fun, only about 1 1/2 hours was a little crappy, not even anything super bad. But YEP it was fun, mostly thanks to Klara (:
But here's pics from yesterday:

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