Winter's here


Hallo ! Just came home from the city, went to get Klaras contacts, with her and Vilhelm, then bought a perfume, went to a café, and then we ran into Seba and joined him when he and Vilhelm ate and just chilled (:
Also, I wouldn't be surprised if I don't pass the swedish test.. Gawd damn -.-'
Anywho, now I'm gonna continue painting, so later !


¡Hola! Just woke up from my daily sleep-after-school, and my intentions are to paint for the rest of the day. Nearly failed my history exam because of painting today.. Hehe.. :3
Also my cellphone carrier's back, haven't been able to text or call, or use my 3G internet for almost a week.. Tell me about first world problems, I felt like dying hah !
Tomorrow I'll be editing our school film, so I won't have time to blog probably, but we'll see.
Anywho, I have to get up from bed so, later !


Good morning. Yesterday was spent at Cia's place, haven't had that much fun in a long time haha ! Just lovely ^_^
Anywho, today I've just been drawing, and I'm gonna study some more at some point. And I'm not gonna write "I'll blog more tomorrow", cause that ain't gonna happen haha ! So I'll just leave with bye, I'll blog when I feel like it.
Here's some pics from yesterday:


Hola. Half of the exam week done! 2/5 exams done. Basically been sleeping, studiyng and gaming the whole week. Yesterday we did our arts project with Karin&Thelma, and today we went editing our arts film. And then I've been gaming and studying after that. Now back to studying though so later.

Today in pics

School, some shopping with Klara, organized my room and clothes and painting.

More paintings

Elyar Fox

1/2 left


Saturday: play wow, to lvl 85~can't play any more - paint. - play burnout - rearrange my room - paint mooore - burnout !! --> sleep at 4-5am.
Tomorrow: Study ! Ffs Ninni.. Please study ! :3




Sleep til' the sun comes back

Hallo. Sorry for not blogging, but I've basically slept through the whole week. Today I've just cleaned the apartment, done some homework and made dinner for the folks. Tomorrow gonna hang with Cia and some peeps, saturday-sunday, we'll see..
Anywho, now shower, so later




¡Hola! Just came home from school, went to el mcdonalds with Klara after school though :) anyhoe, now gonna sleep for a few hours, since I didn't get much sleep yesterday. Bye


Hey, just about to go to sleep, just watching some gossip girl now. So today we celebrated fathers day, my brother's family came over and so on. After that I just gamed. Anywho, gonna go now, so bye

Birthday X3

¡Hola! Today was spent at my brothers, locked out from the apartment for 30min, sleeping under a staircase during that time, and playing wow. Here's today in pics, I'll blog tomorrow, bye



Hola. Just finished playin some wow, only got played like 4-5h today. Haha, nah but my goal was 50% per day, and I did 90 today so it's fine.
Anywho, today school consisted of only arts, and we filmed our school video during the leap class. Tomorrow I'll be at my brother's celebrating his and his kids and wife's birthdays. Then probably game some more. I've lost all contact to freaking people. IRL people. I mean.. This friday night was spent sleeping and then playin'. Okay.. I can't complain though, I do love doing nothing and just sitting at home. Hahah. But I'mma watch some movies or something now so, later

Mindless Self Indulgence

Hallo. Here's the pics from the MSI concert yesterday, though gotta apologize for the quality, since I only had my iphone with me, and it was dark as hell. Anywho it was an epic concert. Jimmy's like the best performer ever. If they ever come back for another concert, I'll be there for sure !!


Just came home from the MSI concert. It was so fucking awesome !! Best concert I've been to. But I'll blog more about it tomorrow, since I'm without a computer for the moment. Aight that is all, later.

Today in pics

Cause I feel so uninspired to write.


Slender weather

¡Hola! Just left Bebbans house, she walked me to the busstop, because I am horrible at navigating myself to the right place, so I hope that slenderman didn't kill her on her way home. We just watched some tv cause she wanted to watch a football game, and then we just played some fifa. A game that, might I say, we both are terrible at.
Anywho, now back to gaming then, later


Hallo. Just playin some smurf on gameboy color and watchin southpark atm.
Had the weirdest night ever though, I woke up all the time and when I was supposed to get up, I dreamt that I was awake, and that my mom was being a jerk for that matter haha. See I texted her today that I was sick and wanted to stay home, then I dreamt that she texted something like "nope, have a fun day at school, haha!". I thought it was real life. I've never had a more confusing morning in my life.
Anyways, today I slept till like 3 then, spent my time doing nada and just lagged, and then played some.
Now though I'm gonna get ready for bed, gggnight :3


So just gonna blog quickly, sleep soon. Tomorrow school 8-16, then I have to go film our school vid. Fawk. Then friday I'm seriously not gonna do anything, probably not even play a whole lot of games. Saturday-- party or lan.. Don't know yet. I might not do either. Ah lazyness..
Well that is all, good night

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