Good morning folks. In the tram atm, just chilled with Klara, Cia, Martin and Vilhelm for a little while. Now home to negotiate some money-work things, since I just found 2 zelda games for DS, and also AC3 ofc.
But later today I'll go to a concert in our school, also thank t-rex that I didn't have to go to that theatre I was supposed to go to..
Aight but I'm off, later

Veppa är bäst

Just a quick post, been kinda busy ("not" playing WoW btw) so I haven't had time to blog. Tomorrow school until forever, and then to see some play or what not.
But yep just did my homework, so now just gonna watch some It's always sunny in Philadelphia and then sleep. And listen to some retards in Skype.
Also here's a list why Veppa is awesome:

He sat with me in psychology class
He gives me x3 xp in WoW
Gurl U be funny as hell
He's a damn retard :)
Desu desu :3

Aight well I'm off, later

Arts Pic


Hey, just came home from school, now gonna sleeep. I only got fawking 1,5 hours of sleep yesterday. We stopped playing around 3,30am, but I didn't fall asleep til' like 5-5.30. Fuck it was hard to get up and go to school ! But I'm kinda proud of myself because I did, normally I would have just slept in, but I'm really trying to take school more seriously. But yeh anywhoo, I'm tired as hell, so just gonna finish my bloggin and then sleep, later !


Hola. Today was spent with a sliight hangover and then filming our school video. Then I came home, installed WOW, and now waiting for some peeps to.. do.. something.
Anywho yesterday was awesome! Hanged with some people, and had fun !


Good evening, the post before the pics behind the scenes was written by Cia btw, since she didn't sign her name, u crazy guurl :)
Anywho, tomorrow's a little blurry at the moment, we'll see what'll happen.
Now though sleep, so good night


''Behind the scenes''

Just some side-pics from wednesdays photoshoot thingy ^^

My brother from another mother

Hello loved ones! So today I rode my bike to Sir Hägglunds house! It's was freezing!! My bike was in ice so I couldn't change the gear.. So I had to drive the whole freaking way with the highest gear... Gaaaaash!! PLUS the whole way was in ice and snow!! I almost died! Haha okay no but still:D. Then I came here and Ninni had burned her pizza. HILARIOUS! :3 After that we have been watching Futurama and taken some interesting pics :D hahah I love flipping with Ninni it's just so chill I guess:))

Coming up next PICS!!!


Just came home from school and today my plans are basically non existant. Just gonna tidy my room, sleep, and play some, probably mario all-stars ^^
Anywho, tomorrow I have a christening and a halloween party to go to, so I probably won't be blogging a whole lot.
K, I'm gonna sleep some more now, bye !
Pic from wednesday

First snow

Just came home from SL class, next class at 1o'clock, so I'm gonna take a nap. Bye :3





Hey. Today once again a looong day at school, and then after that I met Klara, Cia, Oscar and Vilhelm and went to the circus. Damn the last act was awesome ! Pics later.
Here's some pics from today though



Halloween Outfit 2012

And my lovely photographer:
Ps. Sorry for a long-ass-post !



Buenas noches people. Worked all day on my Link costume and the shield and sword. Have to thank my mom a million times for the help ! Anywho, tomorrow school for forever and then gonna hang with Klara ^^
K but I'm going to sleep. Can't even keep my eyes open anymore heh.. Good night


¡Hola! Watching new years eve and eating lunch. Got off school at 12.15. Sweet.




Hey. Damn these four last days have gone by quickly. School tomorrow already.
Anywho, today is movie day. Downloading a bunch of movies that I haven't seen yet, and that's what I'll be doing all day. So yeah, I'll blog later. Bye


So just wanted to change the header colors to more fall-winter-ish. So here's the change:

Today's Inspiration

So have many times have I dropped my iPhone now?

Soo yesterday didn't really go according to plan (note to self, always take the ID with you) so we just ended up randoming all over the city with Cia, Karin and Thelma. Still was funny as hell :D After that me and Cia bought some ben&jerrys and watched pokémon the movie and totoro :3
Now Imma take a shower since Cia just left and then probably paint some. Bye



Noodles for breakfast ♥



Hallo, woke up not so long ago, then painted some and now gonna take a shower and start getting ready for tonight. Cia and Nenne are supposed to be here around 5-6, so have to be ready before that ! Soo I'll blog some more later, bye


Soo here's what I ordered from H&M, plus some underwear. And they also sent some socks instead of a pair of shoes. SOCKS. Genius !




Hey, bought some paint today, a brush and picked up a H&M package. Now gonna paint my triforce shield 2.0, and I'll post the H&M stuff later.
Bye (:





Hey, today was the last day of school, now 4 days no school. Lovely. Tomorrow work some, friday mr Don, saturday b-day party and sunday sleep.
Anywho, when I came home today I went right to sleep, since I've only gotten like 2-4 hours of sleep the past days. I just can't sleep, I just stay in my bed thinking. Unwillingly though! I keep overthinking everything, imagining every scenario possible of every moment of every day. Gotta find someway to stop that haha..
Aight but that's all for today, now gonna watch SATC, so good night !

Today's Inspiration

Getting sort of excited about winter and chistmas. And new years. I'll regret saying that but.. It seems so lovely ^-^


Hallo, just now got rid of my headache, lovely, now I can sleep :3 just gonna watch some "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" and then sleep, early wakeup tomorrow, so I'm off, good night



Just came home from the psychology test. Uuuugh. But that was the last test though. Tomorrow have school til' 1, then I'm gonna fix some lights for this school concert. I'm kinda scared and nervous :3 Atleast I don't have to do it alone ! Then on wednesday normal school day, except that it's school photo day, or whatever it's called.
Mwrah, now gonna sleeeep. Good night


Photoshop Randomness

Today's Inspiration

Still in bed

Morning, woke up about 1-2 hours ago, but I'm still in bed watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Gotta read some psychology soon.
Anywho, yesterday at Cia was awesome, and then I watched the lol finals at night.
Didn't take a lot of pictures yesterday, but here's what I got


Get ready

Morning! Just now gonna start getting ready for today, b-day party at 5. So liquid dubstep on, and leggo.





Seriously. Liquid dubstep is the most amazing thing ever made. Haha, that's not really what I'm supposed to write about, so, came home about 40min ago, just had 2 arts classes today, sweet. Now just sort of.. Doing nada. Probably gonna hang with Bebban later :)
Aight, that's all, later



Hallo, just woke up. Came home around 1 because we didn't have history, I've had a little headache the whole day but after I woke up from my nap (:3) it was like my head was about to explode, so I stayed home instead of going to computer graphics class, it's not like I've learnt anything there so far, haha!
But Imma get up now, and try to do something. Later

I was lagging, I SWEAR !!

AH good evening. After again a crappy game of lol I'm going to sleep. Didn't realise it was over midnight. Tomorrow long-ass-day and then sleep when I come home. Also not sure if I'm going to the lan on friday, (oh I've got numerous reasons, being crap at lol is just one) but a free day would be nice to. Seriously sleep deprived. Again. I suck at sleeping. K that's all, bye

Spanish test in 105min

Free All

Hallo, just came home from school, and made some noodles. Had that light tech demo today, not gonna lie, I failed quite a bit, hehe.. Aight, gonna play some lol now, since we got some of dat new internet yesterday, and it's dreamy. No lags 
Tomorrow school from 8-19.30 (spanish test), and it'll be my last spanish lection. 
Anywho that is all, goodbye

Mr. Taco !

Spanish once again

¡Hola! Studying some spanish atm. Why does spanish have to be at 17.00? It's so late. And I want to sleep. Which I did today. :3
I don't think I'm gonna take the next course this year, maybe next year. Cause I know I'll just have a mental breakdown at winter and I have school from 8-18.30. I'd never see light !
Right but still have to study for this test, so bye

Just because..♥


Rainy Mondays

Hallo, barely got out of bed today, damn dark at 06.30am. Started math, history and SL (whatever that's in english, to lazy to google) today. Still have half my spanish test left, and my psychology test. So that's basically this weeks plan. Only exception is friday (lan). Anywhoo gotta write my spanish paper which I still haven't done, and maaybe go to spanish class. I'd kinda want to take time to study instead, since I learn better on my own than in groups. But we'll see. Alright that is all, bye



HALO 4 & AC3 omfg.

Good morning

Hallo ! Just woke up 20min ago (the neighbours started playing piano again..). And a nice surprise was that the sun is shining! Have to appreciate these days, cause soon we won't be seeing the sun for a long time.
Aaanywho, went to sleep yesterday at like 3am, we watched the most ridiculous shows with Bebban, and we got so tired that pretty much anything was just daaamn funny. Lawl!



With Babbeee, Babbe my maan !


Oh fuck you brain

Just woke up like an hour ago or something. The test was at 8.30. Seriously, I hate my brain. I have like 15 alarms on my phone, plus an alarmclock. How can I not wake up from that? anywho, on the bus now, on my way to school, and I have to get off soon, so byes

I did it !!

I'm done! Done with the biology article, and studying for the psychology exam tomorrow. Actually gonna get up 30 min earlier to study some last minute stuff. Now just safka and then aah sleep. Sweet sleep. ES can't keep me awake forever !
Ps. I dropped my iphone on the concrete today (third time, plus a billion times on the floor) and it only got a little scratch. See iphones don't suck, people just have bad luck :)


Hallo, just a quick check in. Playn' some cod, watched an old vid where Klara and Babbe played it, and damn that was some funny shit. Altough I mostly laughed at my goat voices. Hahhah, too tired for anything, I should probably study some more but... Eeeh i'll do it tomorrow morning (;


I actually just read like 120 pages or something. And now I'm gonna take a pause and blog, then read it again.
Aaanywho, tomorrow I have the exam at 8.30, then school til' 3 or 4, and after that we're gonna have game niiight with Bebban. It's gonna be awesome.
K, now back to reading, bye


Hallo ! Just came home, feels like it's been a damn long day. Mostly because I've had this constant headache for like 3 days. Blah. Anywho, school, quick shopping and chilling in the center with Cia and Klara, and after spanish, I went to see a play with Klara and Cia. Was real funny ! It was all improvisation, and yeah, I'd probably go again. And after that we chilled at McDonalds for a while. 
Now, gonna take some burana, drink some coffee, and study some damn psychology. Later !

Might aswell study then..

Hola. Came home from spanish about an hour ago just to find out that my brother's taking my computer today to some lan. And I mean, wtf am I supposed to do without a computer. Hahaha, it's horrible that I'm this attached to computers, but seriously I can't think of anything fun to do now that I don't have it. Nada. So I guess I'll study some psychology and go to sleep. Hooray.



Good morning, just woke up, and spanish class in 55min. Did a bit of drawing when I came home, just experimenting with coal. Anywho, gotta get out of bed, bye

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