Good morning, watching the newest episodes of adventure time, and mentally preparing for studying. English test tomorrow. And I have to write a spanish paper too. Yaawn. Tiredness overload. 


Hey. Today I was at Cia's place, and had dinner. It was really nice to meet everyone, and the food was great ! Anywho, I'm quite tired now, so I'll let the pictures speak. Good night.

Meow mate

Hallo. Soo today's friday, Klara, Nenne, Kenneth and Jude were here and chilled. It was damn fun. Altough I always get fawking angst when everyone leaves, although I know that they have to leave at some point. But that's fine, I'm all good already :) anywhoo, Imma play some mortal kombat now, later

Bought today

Today in pics



Gon' clean ay?

Evening evening. Just finished playn pokémon for 2 hours. Just couldn't let go of the gameboy.
Also I just realised that my room looks like a trashcan. So gonna clean this shit up now, then probably go back to pokémon. Damn pokémon, stop being addicting.
Alright, bye


At school doing some last minute spanish reading. Was home all day, woke up feeling like I was partly dieing or something. Anywhoo I'll blog later. Bye


Hallo. Just watching some adventure time and sketching. Tomorrow's the day with 3 leap classes, so I'll probably be shopping during that time, hohoo. What else what else.. Biology test went okay/good, don't really know, and tomorrow spanish ! Now THAT is a test I will fail in. Kk, back to el adventure time, byes.

Buenas Noches People

Hallo, still awake and done with studying and I've even had time for a few games of lol. And now just watching TV til' I fall asleep. Although that won't be til' like 2am since I slept for an hour before spanish class (because, why study, when you can sleep) and it's like I've drank like seven cups of coffee or something. Wide awake. K but that's all for today, good night


Goodnight !


Study, and this time for real.

Hallo. Since I can't remember a word from what I read yesterday, it was pretty much pointless that I read it at all. Or maybe it'll pay off now that I'mma study again. From now to 16.30 when I leave for spanish. So I probaby won't be blogging any more today, so byes.


Fintelligens, forever.

I keep forgetting, everytime I find a new band or artist i like, how much I love fintelligens. I mean, I've basically listened to them my whole life, every song has a memory. Or more like a feeling. You know when you hear a song or smell some specific odour and you remeber exactly how you felt at the time you experienced it. My first memory goes back to when I was around 5-7 years I think, and my older brother listened to them. I remember he listened to "kellareiden kasvatit". Guess that's why I love their older songs the most.
Anywho, this post was mostly written because I can't fall asleep and I'm bored :3 gonna try to sleep again, good night

Studying? Nope. 9gag!



New things


Hallo! Right so yesterday evening was spent at Fems party and then randoming everywhere with Nenne. Today: biology project and studying for the biology exam. Yaaaawn.

Sí, tu es loco.


Haha nenne is the funniest person ever


Hola, have time for a couple games lol before I leave, so that's what I'll be doing, since I can't handle being terrible in any game hehe. Except sonic. I will always suck at sonic. :3 Aanywho, I'll write a little later, bye

Sleep all day, sleep all night

Morning, just woke up after 16 hours of sleep. Seriously I can't handle school yet, I only sleep like 1-5 hours every night. And gah now I only have 3 days til out biology test so I'll probably be sleeping around that much again. Anywho tonight I won't be reading much since I'm going to Femis around 6-7 and I'm to lazy to read before that. Anywhoo taht's all for now, I'll probably check in later, bye

Damn internet, go shoot yourself.

After about 1 hour of trying to get the internet to work so I could play, I finally give up, our internet can just go and die. Pirates of the caribbean instead. Should probably study too at some point, the next 2 weeks will be test weeks. That's ass. Anywho that's all, byes

Biology and Spanish

Hallo. In the middle of the schoolday, 2 classes over and 2 left.
Nada to blog about atm, so here's a pic of my frozen yogurt from yesterday. Interesting..!

I'm so awesome at league of legends..

Hahaha after the worst game of my life probably (yes I was worse at this now than I was at runescape when I was 5..) I just have to say I'll never probably play league of legends again. Hahaha atleast I got to laugh at my awesome 20 deaths ! ( May I add 0 kills (; ) NOW I'm gonna play some MW2, to feel good at something, and to shoot some people. Lovely. Haha anyways, bye !

Hallo !

Yesterday was major fun ! I'll post a couple pics later if I have the strength to get up, still have a slight hangover. But yeah I'll go lay down again and watch some simpsons. Byes

Gawd :D


Gooood morning. Just woke up a couple minutes ago and I'm still in bed. And I'm in a terribly good mood because the sun woke me up :) anywho, gotta start arranging stuff now, so bye !

Buenas Tardes

Hallo. Yesterday I was at my brothers birthday party thingy and it was just close family so it was quite chill. When I came home I barely got my makeup off before I fell asleep haha. Anywho, just came home from school and I'm crazy tired once again. Todays exciting plans are: clean, take a nap, clean, shower, clean. Well better get at it, it'll be over faster. Later


Dream Outfit


Hallo. Psychology in 50minutes, home at the moment drinking coffee and watching tv. I'm so lazy. :3


Good morning

Hallo, just woke up, took a 3 hour long nap after school, now homework, a shower, and then more sleep, byes

Fall Inspiration

Too much swag. Too much.

Hallo ! Today's been ordinary ordinary ordinary. School, games, not understanding shit in spanish class. 
Tomorrow same, and wednesday school 08.00-18.30 and then to my brother's place to celebrate his birthday.
Anywho, I'm going to sleep early today, tired as usual, I might throw in a quick blog post today before I go to sleep, later
Aaand here's a pic from last week when we had to take pics for our computer graphics class with Emil. Swag biches.

The sunny days won't last

Hallo !
Today's been a chill day, my brother and his son was here in the morning, so I spent some time with the family. Then later I went out to chill with Cia and Nenne, the weather was heavenly. It's so depressing that it'll be winter soon.. I wish we could have summer all year long.. Anywhoo, then we chilled at my place for a while and after that I've been windowshopping on the internet and watching the Simpsons, hehe..
Right but that's all for now, bye


Painting, painting, painting

Choo! At my brothers place painting, hopefully the last time I have to paint ! Getting quite sick of leaves. Fawkhing leaves. Haha, anywhoo that's all I'll be doing today (I might go chill at Cias place later, don't know :)
Kay, but my break is over so back to work, later


Quick post

¡Hola, buenas noches! Just a quick blog before I go to sleep, watching it's always sunny in philadelphia at the moment. Tomorrow I don't have school, so I get to sleep late and be really lazy, lovely :3
Aaanywho, good night now !
Also: enjoy this amazing drawing Emil made in computer graphics class today:

Today's song

Dream Outfit


School from 8am to 6.30pm?

Well basically I have school for over 10 hours today. I had 2 free classes (whatever they're called, but over 2hours free time inbetween some classes) and the rest school. Crazy tired now, and have to go back to school in 20min.. Have to do my homework now though.. Sooo bye

School Camp



Hallo ! 
Today  school from 9.35-14.00. Then after school I chilled and talked with Cia for a while and now I'mma blog. I'll post the school camp pics, (since the computer was occupied the whole day yesterday) and maybe something else. Right so tomorrow I have arts, psychology, biology and spanish (8.00-18.20..) so I won't be blogging a whole lot.
Anywhoo here's me today (the clothes are what you're supposed to be looking at). Later


Hallo ! I'll be back to blogging normally soon, just have had a lot on mind and a lot to do lately. But I'll post some school camp pics today, and that'll be all. Have to study somewhat alot today (compared to the last 5 years, didn't do any homework what so ever).
Riight and I had my first spanish lesson today. Haha, it was quite entertaining and like.. So. Damn. Confusing. Our teacher just spoke spanish and I was like ¿queeeee? The whole lesson. Que is like one of the 20 words I know in spanish. But Spanish is something I really want to learn so, what the hell, I'll try my hardest.
Anywhoo, now, study !

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