And that's 17

Happy b'day to me :'D


Can't believe we saw JB outside LV

At the city with Klara buying stuff for next tuesday, and some clothes, when we walked past the LV store. There was a crowd of girls looking in, and then Justin and his friends walked out the store.. :3


Friday&Justin Part 3


Friday&Justin Part 2

Friday&Justin Part 1

Can't stop Smiling

Blog more tomorrow <3


Hallo. Was supposed to blog earlier, but my iphone died in school so I couldn't, and then I just forgot.
Anywho, was with Cia and saw Iron Man 3 yesterday. Thanks for the birthday present Cia <3. It was awesome !! Quite many twists, it was funny and just epic, because, well.. It's Iron Man.
Then today, just a normal school day, a few league games, and gonna go to sleep early. Because tomorrow.. TOMORROW. It's the JB concert !! Yayay !! :3 been waiting so long, daaamn..
Anywho, should be heading off to bed soo, gn !

Woken up now

xPeke ♥


- Brothers over to celebrate my bday, got a computer chair 
- Lan with Jonte, loads of League
- Making the JB signs for the concert next friday :3

It's been quiet Online, but not IRL

Hola !
Woke up about an hour ago, the sun was shining, the birds singing (though so was my mom..) and I felt really happy (: Hung out with some peeps yesterday at my place, had alot of fun, even if I was worried that the neighbours would complain about everyone yelling and shit :D Plus fnatic won both of their games, so I was glad about that too :3 
Now I'm gonna eat with my family, heavy breakfast today haha. Then after that it'll be a few games and skype before my brothers are coming over, so I'm off bye !

Philosophy is fun and also Thursday

Hallo, just came home. Feeling frustrated tired and dissapointed. I do also feel quite happy and excited for tomorrow, gonna chill with some peeps at my place (: YAY
For now though it's drawing and league that's gonna go down. Drawing mostly, since I'm feeling inspired I want to get the most out of it, because soon enough I won't feel like holding a pencil in my hand at any price. Lol k I'll do anything for money.
But I'm off now, later

The time for sleep is Now


It's my job now.

Hola. The week of league is about to start. It's time to learn and to get descent at this game. Gotta prove that lil bich Jakov who wrote that girls can't play lol wrong (;
Today was spent watching LCS, playing a few games, watching avatar and just being a complete blob. SURPRISE ! Anywho. Was supposed to go to sleep two hours ago, but got stuck watching avatar, but now time for rest, need it for tomorrow's games (;

Saturday Skypeday

Hallo. Spent this weekend drawing and doing nada, and skyping with Emli pls all day. Want to do more shit next weekend, meet friends and stuff ^^ Anywho, this night continues with drawing, and maybe some Path of Exile ..?
And that's a goodnight from me, later !
Zanks Veps for le music :D

DO WANTS for my birthday

Oh hi, It's Me Again, Just being an annoying fangirl again..

Ego app broken. Egopics from yesterday, peace

Makro and Tender
Ala Veppa and me. #Swag


AH after some very long hours and back&hand pain, I finished my Cyanide drawing.. Here's the finished drawing, I'm off for today, good night !





Dentist - drawing champions on the schools computers backgrounds with paint in philosophy class - quick trip to the city with Veps and Oge - Sleep - skype and drawing




I might have taken quite a liking in the Fnatic team.. Maybe specially Cyanide and Peke.. Hihih :3
But just.. just look at them..



Hallo. Quick break from reading. Was at Veppas place yesterday with Veps and Jonte. League was down for a while, going to find food took like a billion years, felt sick from the diamond prox soda.. Even though, it was awesome ! Had a few great games (even if I lost 2, I think that my playing was fine) and just randomed around :)
Anywho, now back to reading, 100 pages down, 320 to go !

This tired lil goat is going to sleep


Hallo. Came home like 20min ago. The usual school day, and then after that we had that IHME-project thing. Basically we were supposed to message each other, we were standing in a ''link'', and we would deliver the message, the question, which was ''the price of money?'' with flags and some signs aandd stufff... and when we got to our school we would discuss it. Though I didn't stay for the discussion hell no. Math test tomorrow, a billion projects i need to do and so on, ain't got time for some discussion or what not, the waving of the flags took long enough. Thank t-rex that it was a beautiful day, the birds were singing and the sun was shining ^^
BUT now, it's time for some work ! Gotta write the psychology paper, study math, and maybe either do my geography paper or read my swedish book ! So that's goodbye from me then !
Here's a pic of our IHME group when we started practising everything.
And here's some pics from today:

Dunkmaster Ziggs YO


NOW let's work

Happy face tuesday



Game of Thrones !!

FINALLY. Been waiting so long ! This certainly will make waiting for summer easier.
Woke up at 5pm haha.. That's what happens when your phone dies in the middle of the night and you don't know what time it is. I thought the clock was like 13.00.. Guess not.
Anywho, tomorrow school, and swedish test. And body pump with gym class! ^^
Aight but I'm off, byes

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