Gaims all niiight, later !

I don't Even Know



Hola. Tired and just annoyed at the world atm. Was a cool day though, but still haven't warmed the idea of school. I seem to be on full-hate-mode everyday :'D only thing getting me through the day is watching streams during class. Which I really shouldn't do hahah..
Anywho, I hate to write two english articles or something, I don't even know man.. And also I have a small psychology test tomorrow. Fuck.
Well. Plan A is school work. But plan B is already in action so fuq it. SivHD stream and blobbing.
That is all. Cyah.

Q_Q going to sleep




Today --> hardworking the first class, art and then oh-so-boring history, and then gym. After we were done swimming for gym class, me, Jonte and Janica took a quick bite at mcdonalds, plain cheeseburger, nom.. Now I'm home, gonna clean my room, play league, sew, draw and wait for my brother to get home and then go jogging, if he doesn't come home way too late.

Ps. Watching rekkles stream in school is the best thing ever. Makes the day 1000x more awesome. :3



Morning ! Came home a few hours ago, went to Justus place yesterday and played some poker and chilled with some peeps, might have been a bad idea since I feel a bit sicker again. Damnit. :D nah, but it was real fun !
Anywho, today I'm just gonna play league and try to draw as much as I can (: laters

Ps I look like I've just come out of a dumpster in the last photo x) yolo




Aah friday, it's been a horrible week at school since I was sick the whole week, still am tho.. I felt so gross and blah in school.. Anywho, today was the last day of the "konvent" (not even gonna bother with the english here) and so I dressed my slave in Link clothes and had her cosplay in school, and give out fliers.. :3
When I came home, I played some league.. For 6h.. Now I'm done though, gonna draw some now, I'll try to blog tomorrow, laters !

The past few days

#sick#konvent#GodIHateBeingSickFFS#rekklesuuh <3


Snap back to reality

#sunday #sick #school tomorrow


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Saturday, second day of weekend ! I believe that me, Jonte and Eelis all had only one goal for this day. Front row to see feed me and pendulum. And guess what? There we were, front row !! It was crazy, when we got to the festival area, they weren't even letting people get into the future stage area, so there we were, stuck outside, barely hearing the music... But then after a while of waiting, the people at the front pushed down the fence, and we just ran in, past the guards hahaha :D Then we slooowly sneaked up to the front row ! So happy :3
This festival, was the by far the best concert/festival I've ever been to ! Great music, friends, (I might have also smuggled a bit of alcohol in there.. ) And overall so much fun 
PS. Sorry, but there's gonna be a shit-load of pendulum pictures in the next post ! ^-^


Friday, day one of weekend festival ! Ran around with Klara and Bella, thanks so much ! Front row to Zedd !! A bit of orkidea & friends, and Calvin Harris, from faar, faaaar away hahah.. But that's okay, the day was still epic ! ^-^

Weekend festival Day 2



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That's Thursday

Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap



Hai !
Second day of school - Done !
Once again I've managed to waste the whole day somehow.. After school, went to get my school books, sold my weekend festival ticket (Picking up my 2-day ticket tomorrow !! :3) and then just.. Idk hahaha.. Sheeesh gotta start doing things !
Anywho, I should get my pay-check tomorrow !! Gahfggthvmglf I think this weekend is gonna be epic !
Anyways that's all for now, I'm gonna internet-windowshop and play some gaims, later !

School ?

First day of school - Done. Though real school starts tomorrow..
Anywho today's been pretty mellow, after school we went to mcdonald's with some peeps, and after I came home played a game of league and tried some new champs, but somehow I've managed to waste the rest of the time. Idk what I've even done hahah..
Lawd I'm so tired, going to sleep early today, so more bloggin tomorrow, bye !

Feels Good

The night before school. Hating that so much, but can't help but feel happy atm. Don't know what it is exactly. But hanging out with peeps @ soam parks yesterday was sweet, and today just gamed league, watched fatmammas stream and skyped with Jonte and Oge. The kinda stuff that makes me happy :)
Anywho, gonna go to sleep in a bit, just listening to some music and drinking tea atm.. But more bloggin tomorrow, if I survive school.. Good night ^.^


We all wanna be Diamonds

Halo ! Just came home, gotta go in an hour again hahah..
Yesterday I met Jonte, Oge and Saga and blobbed around for a while at le city, then we went and lanned a bit with Jotne and Oge. One of the best lans EUBut gotta go, in a hurry ! Cheers


Kawaii App

So addicted to this app called ''girls camera'' 
You can make the cutest pictures ever haha ! Everyone should make all their pics all cute ! (^ω^)

15th plz

Seriously. Paycheck. Now. Please. Can't wait.


Hai ! Forgot to blog earlier today oopsie :3
Anywho, yesterday was spent by cleaning the whole appartment, cooking dinner for my family, mango-apple broiler on rice (YUMMI!) and later went out and chilled with some peeps (:
Today I've gone back to doing nothing, since the noob Bibs has a bad memory (; BUT OMG I discovered the coolest anime on earth, why haven't I known this excisted until now !! It's about people trapped in a MMORPG, like the game would be real life. Maybe a bit too excited over it.. But wee :3
Anywho that's all for now, later !


What's more perfect than reading a book and sipping on a cup of tea whilst it's raining ? That's what I'll be doing for the rest of the night until I go to sleep.
Blog more tomorrow, gnight (:


Good evening, woke up around 11 today and watched Kuroshitsuji for a few hours. Then I met Jonte and went and saw wolverine :3 the movie was aight, I do love all marvel films, what made the movie though was that it was played out in Japan :3
Hahah when I came home I figured I'd cook something delicious.. But apparently the fridge was empty and literally all we had macaroni. So my dinner today was macaroni with ketchup ! Oh how I love feeling poor hahaha :'D but soon I'll get my paycheck, wee :3

Earl Gray

Hola. Gonna spend the day in front of my computer, just blobbing around :3 Inspo posts incoming !


Good morning ! Yesterday was a really fun monday ! We went to the zoo with Klara, cause hey let's face it, you need to see some animals atleast once a year. Saw some purdy animals that Klara wanted to make clothes and furniture out of hahah ^.^ and we had some noms and ran away from birds :3
In the evening we met Jonte and went out and yoloed a bit hahah :D awesome day !


Have wanted to get back to painting for a while now, so figured I'd just get to it !
Thought I was done, but, now looking at it I found a bunch of faults hahah, the usual. Put away my paints already so I'll leave that for later, but here's how it is in it's current state !

A Tiger doesn't Lose Sleep


A Little TB over the last year


Street to Street

Kwon Jiyong 

Boredom is fun


Life's too short


Fairy Tail

Sleeping as long as you want, doing nothing whatsoever :3 woke up at 10 today, watched some adventure time went and bought more pepsi max and some redbull, and now watching fairy tail and making a calendar :3 Not gonna be doing anything specc for a while, so might just blog some more inspo or something (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


2h left :'3

Foxy Einstein


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