Saturday, second day of weekend ! I believe that me, Jonte and Eelis all had only one goal for this day. Front row to see feed me and pendulum. And guess what? There we were, front row !! It was crazy, when we got to the festival area, they weren't even letting people get into the future stage area, so there we were, stuck outside, barely hearing the music... But then after a while of waiting, the people at the front pushed down the fence, and we just ran in, past the guards hahaha :D Then we slooowly sneaked up to the front row ! So happy :3
This festival, was the by far the best concert/festival I've ever been to ! Great music, friends, (I might have also smuggled a bit of alcohol in there.. ) And overall so much fun 
PS. Sorry, but there's gonna be a shit-load of pendulum pictures in the next post ! ^-^


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