I have the best friends <3


A few pictures from this x-mas holiday so far. It ain't so bad I guess ^.^

Christmas, the one day

I get one day. One day without troubles. That's it. I'm back to normal.

Acolyte Lee Sin

Early mornings

Hola ! Woke up around 8.30 today.. That's 3 days in a row I've woken up early for no reason. Aids. I wanna sleep in late. Til' like 5pm. Meh. Anyway, I haven't done alot these first free days, wrapped some gifts, made some gifts, painted and decorated the house. Christmas is awesome ^.^
Atm eating cereal and watching breaking bad. Waiting for people to wake up so I can playyy.
Anyway, back to breaking bad, adios !



That's that

Morning ! Typical, the first day of the x-mas holiday, and I wake up at 7 am :D I did though go to sleep around 9 since I just came straight home after my schools x-mas celebration.
I'm still in bed, it's just so nice not to have to get up in a hurry and go somewhere. It's really nice. I thought that I would take out my paintbrushes today and do some painting. I should also clean and start preparing for december 24. :3
That's all for now, gonna get up and get some breakfast now. Later !

Morning !

I'm actually awake in time. Such weird O.O
Anyway, good morning ! The last week has sprung in action fine, done all my school work etc. Today there'll be a bit of shopping, a bit of Robin and a bit of trying to get my mom to dye my hair ^.^ Tomorrow it's already thursday, meaning the last day of school, and the school christmas party. And after that, chill at Karin's place ! Yay ^.^
But, more time than this I haven't got, school in 50 minutes, later !

Blubberfishing, The Hobbit 2 and gingahbread housez

Hola ! Been sick since wednesday, still a bit sick so I'll be skipping x-mas church tomorrow. I will though be attending Nenne's b-day party which I'm sure will be fun :)
Went to see the hobbit 2 with Robin yesterday, and gotta say I loved it ! :3
I've also made my gingerbread house and played alot of zelda these past few days. #FedUpWithLeaguesCommunity
Anyway, I'm off to watch something on netflix.. Can't deside what to watch :|
Later !

The legend

Meeehhh it's 01.45 and still awake. Been a semi shit day for some reason. Kinda felt like nobody was listening to me.. School, sleep and just chilling home alone. It's sounds horrible to say that the 2 league games were the highlights of my day. Oh, and ofc ordering my x-mas present. :3
Anyway, I'm just watchich farscape, for some weird-ass reason. O.o and gonna go to sleep soon. Hoping for a better day tomorrow :)



X-mas and shit

Been a nice few weeks :3



Three weeks

Oh wow. December. First of december, one month to 2014. All of autumn I've been feeling like the time has gone by so slow, but now it feels like it's gone by so fast. Thank god. This autumn hasn't been my finest moment. It does feel like things are falling into place again. It does. Three weeks until chritsmas. 2014 inc and SPRING. Happyhappy :)
So not alotalot has happened after the last time I blogged. Janicas 18th birthday party and lil' christmas at my cousins place. ^.^

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