Photographs feat. Jonte

Depth of field



It's been a long ass day today, school from 8 to 16, which ended with the most annoying flag-class ever. 
But after that I went to the city with Veppa and Jonte, we went to Subway to eat some and then walked to Verkkokauppa in the snow/rain and my shoes were leaking so much.. But after we arrived there the rest of the day was awesome. Well the sub was delicious too.. I bought a R.A.T. mouse and some more skittles mee-hee :3
After that me Jonte went to Anttila and some other stores, bought some earbuds and some other stuff. Then we went to take our photography class photos, which turned preetty goood.. ^^
Then when I came home talked with my parents for a while, showed them a photo of the wall I had painted at my brothers place, and my dad had bought me some recovery drinks for me after my gaains :3 Aww.
Now just skyping with Jonte and Veppa and testing my new mouse. It's sweet as fuq. Anywho, more blogging tomorrow, bye!

Day 6 - The blogs you read

Today in pics

Day 5 - A photo of you 1 year ago

Day 4 - Someone you look up to

Day 3 - My Friends


My christmas present for my brother. He asked for a painting of John F. Kennedy.



Hola. Just came home from le city. Met Jonte after he'd been on vacation for forever and we went to Verkkokauppa and bought some goddamn overpriced black water. It's just water. Black.
Now gonna either paint or study. If I can concentrate when Jonte's talking in skype like a crazy goat (: bye





Day 2 - Five cutest/handsomest guys


Oooh.. Forgot all about studying.well better get to it now, and then I'll read some more after meeting Jonte tomorrow.
Then school on monday, and afterwards I'm meeting my brother, and we're gonna go buy some paint, and then go to his and his friends apartment and I'm gonna sketch the painting they want on their wall. I do love having brothers who give me opportunities like this !
Aight but now, here are some pics from today, and I'm gonna study for a while, bye !

Day 1 - 3 favourite works of ''art'' I've made

30 days - AGAIN !

With a few alterations:


1. Write about yourself 3 favourite works of ''art'' I've made
2. Five cutest/handsomest guys
3. Your friends
4. Someone you look up to
5. A photo of you 1 year ago
6. The blogs you read
7. Who is the funniest person you know?
8. A picture of your closet
9. Your bag contains..?
10. What does your future look like
11. The city you live in
12. A picture of your room right now
13. A photo someone took of you
14. Your biggest dream
15. A celebrity you wish you could meet
16. What I do on weekends
17. Here I want to travel before I die
18. Here I shop the most
19. Your family
20. A photo of what you bought last
21. Favourite spot
22. TV-series you love
23. Favourite nailpolish
24. A photo of your computer
25. This I am addicted to
26. Something you want right now
27. Your future wedding Best youtube videos atm.
28. A picture of the makeup you usually wear
29. This is what I ate for breakfast
30. Five good things that have happened during these 30 days
Day 1 tomorrow ! 

So kawaii :3


YAY !! I had been hoping ever since the last summer that we'd go on vacation this summer too. My mum had said that we might be going. But just now she called my name and asked me to read some paper. Thought I had accidentaly used like a billion euros on like tram tickets via my phone. But it was a reservation for a trip to Zakynthos in Greece for next summer ! She had actually bought the trip in August already.. 
Here are some pictures from Zakynthos that I looked up.
And here are some pics from the last time I was in Greece. 
That was all, ta-ta !

Winks and red Lips

Just a little collage I made while I was watching SATC. All pictures cut from different Elle magazines.


Good evening! Just watching Sex and the City at the moment, eating and reading some magazines, just chilling and having some sort of girly phase :3 Went and saw Django Unchained with Cia today, it was real bloody, but still good. My expectations were really high, everyone has said that it was great, and it is a Tarantino film. Wasn't bad, but I've seen better ! Now here's a couple pics, of my new hair color and some nom, and a goodbye from me !


Quick post from a person who has not done anything for a billion days and wakes up at 16.30 everyday. Tomorrow though I'm gonna meet Cia and see a Django Unchained, which'll be awesome ^^ After tomorrow I'm afraid I'll have to start studying for the retake exam.. Only 4days left til' school..
Well anywhoo, I'm back to watching Death Note, here's a few pics from today, and a couple pics of the cutest things ever :3




Well since we have time now..

Finally got some time to play xbox again. It's been way too long. Gonna be sweet to relax for a while. Anywho, now game time !


Past few days in a few words

Penkkis. Café with a friend. The dance that the 2nd graders have every year. Gains. Sleep, lot's of sleep. Now freedom for 2 weeks lol wut 1 week. Now sleep again. Bye ^^

I need a Dollar Dollar, A Dollar is What I need

Dance til' it's all blurry

Oh what a night. Danced a whole lot, met some new peeps, and had soo much fun. After wakin' up today, met Bebban and went to get some junk food. Now time to watch lost, drink play and just chill. Byes ^^

10% Luck


Good morning, 19.25, just woke up from a six hour nap. Went to sleep right after school ^^ only one official exam left, so It's pretty chill. Gonna start light technique project tomorrow, then I'll have the last hours for that course.
Anywho, now gonna go make some tea, because Jonte made me sick.. Speaking of Jonte, he is ripped.

Reading and shizz

Hola ! Just gonna start studying after I make this post, gamed til' like 03.30 last night, so was a lil hard to get up in the morning lawl :3 Anyway, 2(3) exams left, history and finnish next week, and to finish the week, I'm goin' to this pretty big party on friday, which will be.. Interesting ^^ after next week I'll have a bunch of spare time, so I'll be blogging more then. Now, study for a while, then probably gaims.. Again.. Cya ^^

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