Can't the time pass Faster?

Coloring my hair in 3 weeks. Doing them gains.

Waiting for summer and the limitless gaims.

Might start a youtube channel. Want to get really good at some game.

So much I want to do and achieve.

So much inspiration.


You'll have to excuse me...

For the lack of blogging, but my past week has basically been school-sleep-gains-studying-gaims-sleep. But hopefully I'll have more to blog about in like 2 weeks. Might do a 30day challenge thing. Anywho, back to PoE.

I have Never been Happier

Friday Night

So yesterday was spent at Klaras place, a great way to end a rough week. We played some drinking games, talked and just chilled, just the kind of evening I had been longing for. Was awesome :)
Today I might be going to a lan, it's a bit unclear yet, and tomorrow my brother is coming over for the first time he moved away. 
Now tho, skype, cleaning and pepsi max for breakfast, Bye ! ^^
here are some pictures from yesterday, credits to Klara for some of them !

Path of Exile


Regular day, test and bla. Now just skyping and waiting for PoE to load. Jesus it's taking long. Gonna game alll niggghtt looongg. Jonte is a jolly goat.


Por Ejemplo

Boring days

Hola, don't have alot to blog about since I haven't done much in the past few days. Basically studying a whole lot, since I haven't listened to a word a teacher was saying during classes. So it'll be like this for the next 2 weeks or so. 
So here's just a bunch of pictures from the past days, mostly food, because that's what I take photos of when I have nothing happening in my life. Cheers !


The Hobbit

Hallo. Today school was insanely chill. Fysics at 8, then Kaj Korkea-aho from for example, radio pleppo had a a lecture/speach thing. Have to say he's one awesome dude ! After that instrad of finnish class me and Emil went to fix the lights for the winterball which was fun. And confusing.
After school followed a few hours of boredness and me wanting to be somewhere else, like it had been planned..
Anywho, after that, at 8pm, I went to see The Hobbit with Cia. Bought some things quickly before it.. But anyway.. Shit was brilliant. And awesome. And every other positive word. Maybe a little bit childish at some points, but that didn't matter what so ever. It looked amazing, in a kind of unreal way, which was both good and bad, but compared to the LOTR movies it looked a whole lot better.
Well now it's time to sleep, have another long long day tomorrow, so good night.

New In

Life of Pi

Hola. First day of school after xmas. Can't deny that I'm tired as fuck, but still managed to do something usefull with the rest of my day. Went and hanged at the city centre a while and then went to see Life of Pi with Jonte and Veppa. Gotta say that you can clearly see that some time, effort and a bunch of money was spent on that movie. Looked amazing.
Anywho, now gonna go do my excersizes or what not and then sleep until I'm woken up by the bitter and cold morning when another day of school awaits.

Can't wait

Ugh. School. Winter and cold. I seriously feel like digging myself a hole and sleeping in it until the sun comes back. Can't wait for spring, the Biebs concert, my bday, summer, vacation and what feels like endless days of freedom.
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go slip into a coma now, bye.


Quick Painting @03.45am

Rockin' it on new years


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