Miss You League

Just took a game on my EUNE account. Nasus. I miss league. So. Much. Only 3 days left of work. Then I'll try to game as much as possible. But I miss my honey 360. And Zelda. Oh, I feel like I've died a little from not gaming in 4 weeks. 
Had to spill out my heart here at my blog, it only felt right. :3 


Greetings from a really, really happy Ninni. Muse 


Muggle life

Hola. So today was my nephew's baptism (if it's called that, not 100% sure) and he got the name Alexander Christopher. He's actually a baby a find cute, he has this confused look all the time nawwz..
After that I met Jonte and Oge and hanged a lil while, met Karin real quick, miss that little beanie :3 then headed home and prepared for tomorrow's work, and now just chillin and watching Harry Potter, again.
I'll be posting pics from the muse concert when I have a chance to go through them. Btw, the concert was so epic !!! Wanna go back (╯︵╰,)
K but, sleep soon, waking up at 6.15 tomorrow, gnight (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)



Good morning ! It's 20 past 10, and I woke up by myself, working is kinda cool in that way, you get used to waking up earlier.
Was at work yesterday, only 7h on fridays !! :3 then I just spent the whole day cleaning the apartment, and organizing my room, preparing for school.. And oh ! I finally got my books !! And my bubbleroom package aswell :3 happyhappy, materialism is awesome.
Anywho gonna shower now then chill for a while before te MUSE concert ! :3
Bye !



Lanterns & Snow



Using boredom for an excuse for the next pics... Might regret posting them here later on.. Oh... And i admit, I have a "few" more on my phone. (*/ω\*)

Savin' my money and I'm hella happy that's a bargain, bitch



2 weeks <3 first tattoo inc.

Shopping feat. Klara

Pics on what I bought later

#friday #work #laterWe'reGonnaParty @Klaras ##

Holy s#$¥, i shouldn't be allowed to have money

Shopping ^~^


Oh god work. Staph. Don't have energy for anything else, so I end up just chillin at home and going to bed really early. Blahhh.. Just 2 weeks, 3 days n 4 hours today left. Living alone because my parents are at our summer cottage has been awesome though :3 I get to be all KOREEAA without anyone disturbing me. And I get to buy what I want from the store (giant amounts if pepsi max may have been stored in our fridge now)
But yeah, nothing interesting is happening, might not rly blog a whole lot, apart from inspo pics and such.
So then, break's over, later.

Inspo for Fall



Morning, morning. Daily bus-trip to work atm. 06.52 every morning. 3 weeks left, leggo. Also created a new playlist to keep me going at work, so apart from my Desu playlist -which contains k-pop-, I made a Desu Indie playlist -containing korean Indie music :3, best shit EU. Ah so this is morning-me rambling about unimportant things, I'll just go back to staring out the window all movie-like. Later !



Cleaning, chillin 'n' noodles



Bought in Greece


년 정거장


Hola ! Tired n watchin Harry Potter and drawing.
Soo today after work I took a quick shower and made my way to Klaras place, and she made foood for us :3 then a lil later Bibs made her way there aswell. Really nice to meet em and talk some after quite a long time ^^
Gonna go to sleep soon, work tomorrow, bye :)

Lunch break

ARGLHHJL aaah, i can sit down for a while now. Work is tiring the shit out of me.. Gotta think of the $$$ to get through the day.

Greece Highlights 1


Greece Part 2


Greece Part 1

a whooole lot of pics coming up.. couldn't choose which photos to post :3

Straight from heaven to hell

#work #5€ for a fucking sandwich and water. #YMCMB

Packing @ 2am

NOW I'm gonna start packing. Been putting that off for so long. Hehehe :3 painted my suitcase instead of packing it..
OH and forgot to mention that I got the sweetest earrings from Karin that she got for me in Spain :3 thanks beanie <3
Okay, now. Ninni. Go. And. Pack.
Laters !

Stuff ! Yay !!

Hola ! Just came home. Was at the centre with Jonte and Pulla, I shopped a lil, while they followed me around :3. Then we went to Verkkokauppa and just looked at stuff, and bought snapple and then headed home. Mostly bought things for Greece, some extra came with me home too but.. Stuff :3
I bought facemasks, nailpolish, a waterproof mascara, cosmetic bags, showergel, earrings, a top, and eyeliner.
Now I'm gonna go paint my suitcase.. Lol. Then maybe pack it, leaving tomorrow ! Laters


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