Congratulations Brother !

The wedding was great ! The ceremony at the church was short but pretty, and the party afterwards was super fun ! Thought that I would sit the whole night alone just bored, since everyone there was about 23-30 years old. But they were quite fun ! Talked to a few of them, and danced aswell, and they let me put k-pop on !! Best brother EU haha :3
Anywhoo, my hangover drink arrived from the store now, gotta get up ! Later

$$$ #WANT


Organizing, cleaning, working..


It's so waaarm in my room. Gaaawd.

So good day, woke up 3h ago, and gonna start fixing wedding stuff soon, once my brother gets home. But now, more k-pop :3

Me today :3

Sun's up, so am I

Morning, morning ! Didn't sleep today, to get my sleep routine back to normal ! So atm, I'm jacked up on coffee, gonna tidy and clean the whole appartment, feeling that everyone needs that gesture since mom's stressing over my brother's wedding, and my dad just came home from the hospital. Plus I don't feel that my brother, who's only staying here a little while, should have to do any tidying and shizz, but he still does the dishes and all, which makes me feel a lil' bad and lazy :3
So now, after my nailpolish has dried, I'll be busy for a while. Might go tanning after ^^.





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Living in the dark

So the past weeks have been spent with the curtains blockin all the sun, and in front of the computer. Gonna stay that way for one more week, so laters

Midsummer, cba


Holy shit my sleep routines are tripping.. Yesterday night I thought it would be a good idea to not sleep at all. I made it til' 11am this morning and gave up and just now woke up... Worst idea ever.
Anywho, went to the centre yesterday with Bebban, planning on buying some books (didn't find any, would have gotten a couple but Akademens service was bs) and Bibs was gonna shop a little (:
When I came home I ordered the goddamn books, watched some One Piece and then played some league, I think it was around 10-11h, and watched Kiki's delivery service around 8am :)
Now tho, breakfast and shower, later !

My parents b'days

Hallo. Quick blog before I fall asleep.
Today was spent celebrating my mums and dads birthdays, which are tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. My dad won't be home on his b'day, and my brothers cudn't come over tomorrow so unfortunetly I had to get up early and clean, bake and shizznit, which left me tired since I only got 4h of sleep (I might have stayed up til' 6am and played league..).
Anywho the rest of the day I just skyped with Jonte and drew my mother her present that she requested.
Now just chillin in bed watchin old youtube vids :3
Gnight !



♥ thank you TRM

Lazy sunday.. Not sunday, everyday*



MAAAN.. Tattoos !! Been craving a tattoo since I was around 15(?), and now that I'm 17, I have permission to get one.. But.. What kind of tattoo??! I honestly can't choose, or come up with something that I might want for the rest of my life..
But after my summer job, I'd have money to get one... And hopefully I will !

Just another day


Oh, now summer has started


Klara's b-day party :3

Pics from saturday. Was awesome (:



The Sun is Smiling

Picnic with the best goats :3

Hallo ! Atm sittin in skype with Jonte and Robin, and just afking like crazy. Came home from the picnic with Klara and Oge a while ago. It was really sweet with some sun, some good noms, and really good company !
Tomorrow we gon' have some kinda mexico evening ! Whee !
Now I'm going back to afking ! Later

One of the best days EU

Won't say nothing more :3

The Sunlight hurts my eyes.. Srsly.

Halo ! Just been tanning today for a couple hours, and then league for the rest of the day :3 same plans 4 tomorrow ! Byes :3

Best night EU

Halo ! Still alive and feeling well, feeling really good actually atm :3 That's because yesterday evening, when we went out to celebrate that school ended for the summer, was so fucking epic. Had so much fun !! Have to thank all the people there, and Jonte for not murdering me when I yelled at him through the phone... Hehe sorry :3 nah but, there are always downfalls, but this one didn't matter cause all in all it was great ! And beforepartying with Klara is always the best ! (;
The other reason why I'm happy, is that I might get to meet someone I really want to meet in the near, near future:3
The third reason, is that today we chilled with burgermania + some extras outside in some parks, and that was so sweet :3 :D
The fourth? SUMMER VACATION !!


Credit for the 2 pics above to Klara ♥








It starts now


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