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Oh oops, It's 5am.

Spent the day watching re-runs on game of thrones, season three starts tomorrow night !! Now.. watching terra nova. Hehe, hate to admit that I enjoy it quite alot. Anywho, better go wash of my makeup, and get ready for bed. Tomorrow's gonna be spent at my brothers place, it's his and his fiancés birthday party. 
So I'm off now, good night ^^

Ohgodmyohmygod I just want to asfsadfsafds

Honestly. I can die now. This is everything. Part 2 will follow soon enough...

AC 3 and Easter

And that's friday. Yay..


Movie night feat. School

Hallo. Came home a while ago, had this movie night thing at school, and actor from the swedish movie "hypnotisören" came and talked about the movie some, and then we watched it. Gotta love tölö seriously. After that we could choose what movie we'd want to watch. Had 2 options, notebook and sinister. Didn't though want to 1. Cry in front of everyone :3 and 2. Maybe have to watch notebook with people who might not take it so seriously. So I went with screaming and being even more scared of kids than ever.. Having the movie night means we get tomorrow off aswell as friday&monday. This is a break that was so needed. And it's easter and all, gonna have myself a couple of really sleeepy days now. Not feeling like I should even step out the door for a sec.
Anywho, now skype with Jonte until I fall asleep. Bye !


Will I stay this way?

Mistake? Might be. It'll be probably be tattoo-time when I turn 17. I have a few ideas. Some more serious, some more fun. Like the following ^^

Hate wasting a day

Got up from bed at 5pm.. Wasted the whole day sleeping and avoiding all light and noise. Figured I should atleast get up for a few hours. So it's watching stream and skyfall atm. Gonna study some english at some point. Nada more.

New Favourite ♥


Another Weekend

Sunday: Dinner with my whole family, LCS, trying to study (still gonna after the fnatic-giants game!).
Tomorrow: Psychology test & hanging with Cia. In the evening, time for gaims.

Friday in Pics

Wants #2

Now sit down, and play

Hallo. Tiring day, didn't get much sleep. Still managed to do them gains, fix everything for school, and ready for them gaims. Aiming high in league of legends (; as inspiration I have xPeke, TRM, gambit gaming and of course my tutor Veppa. ^^
Anywho, now gaims ! Bye


Slow Day

Hallo. Spent the day at home, I've had a non-stop headache for three days now.. It's actually fading a little though. Slept for around 15hours or so, woke up and just watched some TV and drew a little. Tried to do some school stuff and so.
Not much to do around here.


Always fight for what you Deserve

Day 20 - What I bought last

Les Misérables

Hallo. Just came from the shower, just gonna read some and do some school work and stuff, and go to bed early, soo tired..
Normal school day, except the last class when we skipped gym to go see les misérables with our music class. I didn't expect to like it, since I usually prefer normal movies instead of musicals.. But actually it was really good ! The story was great, have to admit I was nearly in tears haha.. Once you got used to them singing instead of just talking you could really get into it.
Anywho, I'm off, later !


Why is the Sky red at Night?

Quick post before sleep. Had the most chill day in school, only 2 classes. Then came home and slept from 12.00-16.00.. After that the usual, and my brother stopped by for a lil while too. Tomorrow long day, gonna go see les miserables with our music class..
Anywho, sleep now cause my head is killing me, bai !


Day 19 - My Family

There are my parents, Mikaela & Vesa. Then my three big brothers, Rasmus, Christoffer and Sebastian. The youngest one is seven years older than me. 


Day 18 - Here I shop the most

A day wasted?

Hallo. Spent the whole day just gaming. Felt a little bad, nice weather outside and all. Could have actually done something but hey, it's alright. Tomorrow I'm just gonna spend some family time and so, maybe play a couple games.. Hehe :3
Anywho, now it time for them sleeps, so good night !

Day 17 - Here I want to travel before I die

Day 16 - What I do on weekends

Here are my choices basically ^^


League of Legends continues

Quick post before I go to sleep! Today was the usual monday, school, gains, sleep, gaims. Still haven't really figured out LoL, but I think I'm getting there.
Aight, this week someday I'm gonna go do some finishing touches on the wallpainting at my brothers place, meet Bebban on wednesday ^-^, and otherwise just gonna keep on doing the same, usual shizz I do normally.
Anywho, tired as fuq, so Imma sleep, good night !

Day 15 - A celebrity you wish you could meet

Maybe not a huge celebrity, but he still inspires me so much.
Mike Dahlquist


Day 14 - Your biggest dream

The same as last time. To simply be happy.

Early morning

Hallo. Just chillin' atm, gonna do them gains after this blogpost.
Was at a friends place yesterday and chilled with some peeps, fun ^^ Missed the last bus though, so stayed over and woke up at 8am and left, since I was totally awake. Bought some play chocolate milk and drank that on the way, most delicious flippin drink ever !
Ain't got no more plans this weekend, just gonna relax and sleep a whole lot.
Anyway, I'm off, later !

Day 13 - A photo someone took of you

Day 12 - Your room right now

Sorry for the delay, needed a little extra time to do this one.. But get ready for like a billion pictures. :3


Day 11 - The city you live in

It's a wonder how I didn't fall

Hallo. Just woke up and gonna play some WoW. It was just a normal day today, school, ice skating (!!), subway after school and Veps bought me a cookie :3, then sleep for forever mehhee.. Kay but now, gaims, bye


Quick sketch with crayons of me as Link and some thoughts on fonts for a lil upcoming something.. Gotta sleep now though, good night (:

Day 10 - What does your future look like

Hopefully like this !
I want to...

Day 9 - Your bag contains..?

It usually contains all of this. It depends though on which bag I have with me (:

Is this the world.. Of warcraft?

¡Hola! Came home a while ago, took a shower and soon gonna skype and write my swedish assignment. Maybe some WoW..
Anywho, went to Jontes place yesterday and had a lil lan with Jonte and Veppa. Was awesome, played some WoW again, which was awesome since that's kinda how I got to know Jonte and Veps. And of course, the house was scary as fuq again, didn't help that Jonte found it funny to creep in the dark like a crazy person.. Well it was still awesome to spend time with my whitetrash family (:
Anyway, gonna do two 30-days posts tomorrow, too tired today. Gonna make em' after I come home from my brothers place, gonna finish the wall painting !
Aight, I'm off, byes !


Day 8 - A picture of your closet

Quick Charcoal

Today in Pics

Day 7 - Who is the funniest person you know?

I would have to say Jonte & Bebban

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