Sand and sun

#sleep again

Old to New

Some pics of me, some a taken a LONG time ago haha. I think they should be almost in the right order. Figured it'd be cool to see some of my hair colors that I've had too. 


Dem Shoes of Gold

Newest pair in :3 Happy girl !!

2 days left

Photography 4 School



Full screen, HD. It's worth it.

Make it clean, new and nerdy

Today's been spent cleaning, watching death note and trying to read for the test tomorrow, oh surprise, didn't go so well. Downloading season 1 of White Collar to keep me busy for the night. ^^


Hola. Was at the mayparty yesterday, a party for all tölö students, old or new. It was pretty epic, but my phone died and just went crazy, and I can't live without my phone for even a minute. So instead of stayin and camping there, I just went home with the last train, spilled some chili nuts on my floor (damnit Ninni, good morning to me) and went to sleep in my own bed :3
Today's plans are watching All-Stars and later going to Muncca beach and chill with some peeps there.
Now though, shower and more all-star ! Bye ^_^


Past few days

But, I just don't care

Should be studying and all.. But. Game of thrones !!


Jacob's Jonte Edition


Day 3 and i was too lazy to blog yesterday

Day 2 and I can't ride a bike


Day 1 and crappy internet

Jacob's tomorrow

Shoes shoes shoes..

Hola, at home tired and doing some school work, or trying to. Was at the city with Jonteboii today and bought some shoes, weee :3 anywho, time to watch New Girl and then sleep. Later ^^







I'll blog more about yesterday soon, this is just a quick post about today, and some lovely music. Today was spent helping mom with some of my brothers wedding stuff, gaming, and sleeping. Alot. Nearly got no sleep last night.
Anywho, just woke up, gonna download some awkward if the new episode is out yet, and keep busy all night just watching series and movies. Need this :3




Weekend now, gonna chill with some peeps, later !

When the sun is up, all is good


A few random pics from the days that have passed lately.


Today has, and will continue being spent sick at home. Figured when I got up that I could game some, but just felt so sick after one game that I just went to bed again. Hopefully I'll get better fast

BBQ @Cias

Hola ! Today was spent at Cia's backyard chillin in the sun and eating delicious food that Cia prepared for us :3. After that I met Veppa and Jonte and chilled with them for a while.
Only two days, and then it'll be freedom for a while again. Lovely.. :3
Here are some pics from today, gotta hunt for some new music now, byes ^^



Had so much fun on le vappu :3 Have to thank Klärtsboi again ! 
We started le celebration at Klaras place, just chilled, danced a little with Bibs :D, ate a delicious lil' cupcake :3 After that we were supposed to go to le kaivare, but we split up and Jonte, Veps, Oge, Saga and me decided just to go eat someplace. So we met Viking and went to some kebab place, and the waiter took my beer. :( Haha no but it was fine, and all in all it was a great evening.
Some pics from tuesday ^^


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