Dresses, dresses..


I like naps. And you.


Mindless self indulgence

Bestest concert EU westest !!

New Hair ?


I'm creedy this X-Mas

Wishlist for this year. Lol will be happy if i even get a fifth of what is on that list :D ^.^


Only 1 test left, finnish, and that's just EZ no need to read.
Happy now, feeling the stress relieve a little ^.^
Today I'm meeting Robin for a movie :3 and tomorrow Mindless Self Indulgence concert with Karin and Thelma !! ^^
Saturday and sunday I hope that I just get to sluib and do nothing. Would be pretty sweet.
Anyway, celebratory junkfood inc, later !




I need something New

In my wardrobe. Oh please please please can't I win the lotto? ^.^


Gotta tryhard 1 week. After that it's smooth sailing until january. :3

Quite alot

Sooo hallo ! Alot has been happening, went to Åbo, PG, test week started, etc.. Not alot of time to blog.
Got to go back to reading now, later !
Will blog after friday atleast :)

PG Halloween

The year of the rabbit

Hola ! Came home an hour ago, was at a theatre called "jäniksen vuosi". It was quite funny, but the amount of boring moments.. Damn. Plus I am SO tired. I've slept 3-4 hours for the last 3 nights. And, not gonna get much sleep tonight either, since now I'm coloring my hair, then I have to pack for Åbo tomorrow, clean my room and fix my clothes and stuff. And then a bit of league maybe.. Miss it Q.Q

Hold up

So there hasn't been a lot of posts recently, I know. Just don't feel like the blog is that important right now. Struggling to get through school until christmas. After that all will be fine. Quite probably. Gonna post pictures, but the text will be kept to a minimum I feel.
Anyway, gonna hangout with Robin today, and Cia is coming over to try her halloween outfit aswell. And that'll be monday :)
I'm off now, later.

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