Books and cakes

Hola. Sunday night, watching community.
Yesterday I spent at the book/music/foodfair, bought a few books and ate some free samples. Sweet.
In the evening we went over to Klaras place for a surprise party for Lytsy ! ^.^ Awesome !
School's gonna be a struggle once more for a week, hopefully I'll get through it in one piece.
Anyways that's all for today, going to sleep in a few hours, bye !

Gotta get ma shit togetha

Hola ! Sry for the lack of bloggin', just don't have that much to blog about. I guess what's been going on is.. I've become super shit in school, I've become lazy aaand I'm taking way too much free time for myself. I have to start doing stuff for school. Stop eating so much crap food. Feeling sick from the over-load of noodles. Start working out again perhaps and spend more time with friends, I feel.
Alot to do, but damn, have go make up for the time I've spent doing nothing the last 2 months.
Not complaining, I've still had an awesome time, but I feel bad for doing so bad in school etc.
Anyway, this week's just gonna be school, meeting Cia on friday and make some halloween costumes, and a bookfair on saturday. Other than that, it'll just be gaming and hangin with zaguru.
That's gonna be all for today, I've had a very productive day, and super tired now. Heading to bed after some skype.
Good night.



Hola ! Playin some box drink in hand (quite hard to play yes I agree), waitin for some peeps to come and chill.
Almost finished my halloween outfit aswell. Wee, now to start on Cia's.
Anyway, not much else to report, so later !

A bit of freedom

Time to do nothing. Sew and paint a little. Hang out with my booh. Party on friday ?
Back to more nothing. Needed.
Spent yesterday at Karin's place watching some chick-flicks and chilling. Bestest white-trash-family-time. :3

Halloween costumes

Hola ! About to go to bed, have this weird bad feeling atm. For no reason what so ever. My day after school was pretty awesome after all. :o
I met Cia after school and we went to picnic and then to buy the supplies and stuff for her halloween costume, it's gonna be awesome :3. After I came home I felt like sewing on my costume a bit, but got pissed off by the people nearest to me. Not pointing anyone out hah.. So I just took an hour long shower, a couple games and now just afking on the sofa.
Tomorrow's the last day before autumnholiday, and in the evening I'm going over to Karin's place for some movies and yolo's. :')
That's all for today, adios & sleep tight!

Tölö Lan

The lan was awesome, and now, gonna go chill with Robin, adios ! ^.^

Theatres and museums

Yo ! This week. I've never really been a fan of not having that "free time" where I can just sit and do nothing. I've been so busy this week. Can't really complain, it has been a fun week, and shit, it's already friday...
Have to say, life doesn't seem so grim anymore, even if it still is way too hard go get out of bed in the morning. But alot of things seem to light up as it just gets darker outside. New music is helping ALOT. I have this weird thing with music. Couldn't live without it.
Anyway, this week shortly: chillin' with zaguruu, a couple theatres, museum today, and tölö lan in a couple hours !! ^.^
So gonna shower now, pack my things and get going soon enough ! Adios !


A bit of Inspo



So tired. Been running on 3h of sleep, and it's already 00.30.
Gotta go to sleep now, I'll try to blog tomorrow, gnight

Can't remember how to paint


Hai ! It's been a busy weekend for me, and tired as hell now.
Anywho, last thursday I spent the evening with Cia, we went out and ate, talked and went to see a movie. It was really awesome seeing her again after a while ^.^
I spent friday at Robin's place, playing league mostly :3
Then spent saturday day at his, and chilled the evening/night at Elkkus place.
Came home today around 5-6, feeling a bit sick.. Hangover, wat is dis. -> showered, went to sleep. Now just gonna skype a while and then go to sleep.
Second period starts tomorrow, 2 courses biology, 2 courses religion and Finnish. Plus a bunch of art and gym.
Anyway, that was all, had an awesome weekend :3 and just one week til' the autumnholiday. ^.^
Aight, I'm off, bye !




HOLA. Tired. Happy. Not sure if I'm awake now or not haha..
Anyway, today was the last test day.. Went shit. Oh well, it happens. School was the usual except for psychology class when we had a aphasia patient who came and had a lecture for us. He was honestly the most epic old man in the world.
After school I just slept until Robin came over to chill for a while, and after he went home it was time for a couple games league. And Robin bought me Sorakas ward skin YAY 
Now, I'm gonna prepare for tomorrow, long day at school and then I'm gonna meet Cia and go see a movie ^.^
That is all for now, adios !
Also, I'm lacking photos from today so here's an old pic of me. Cheeers !


Let's study some more, half left.
Freedom tomorrow ! ^.^

May we studieth until our last breath

Oh god why am I so lazy. English test went alright though. The only test I've worried over is on wednesday. History. I just want. To. Play.
But hey 3/4 tests done, hardest one left, and then freedom for a while again. Yay !
Aight, let's do this

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