Free time's over

Hai just woke up, realised that I'm gonna have to study for the next 3 days.. Well today I don't have to study that much, since it's just for my english test, would get through that without reading, but I still don't want a 5 so :D
So this weekend so far, on friday some peeps came over for a movie night, since it was Karin's b-day on thursday, we watched never say never :3 and kungfu panda dos.
Then on saturday I hung out with Robin all day ^.^
Anyway, now that I've used all my free time, I've got to get out of bed and get to reading quite soon, so that's adios !

So cold

Hai ! Just came home from school, skipped sewing class because.. Baylife.
Anyway, the last few days, monday and tuesday, math and psychology test, so was all afk from reality, and then I spent yesterday with Robin at his place ^^
Today is gonna be gameday, and tomorrow movie night for ze Karin's birthday :3 funfunfun
Aight, gotta go eat now, after that it's zyra learning time. Adios !

Morning !

Early morning, today folks, it's 05.05 and I'm wide awake. Basically I'm up this early since 1. I need to study some before the test and 2. I'm going to start trying to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, since it's supposed to be so much easier. Based on this morning I can say that is very true.
Anyway, this weekend has basically just been studying, watching streams and worlds, playing league and chilling with Robin a bit.
And today, I'll dedicate my time for psychology !
Aight, that is all for now, I'm off to study now, later !



What is this

Yeah I think I need to go the doctor or something, since I've for the last week had a headache almost every day, and today it was just like.. I wanted to bury my head in darkness, omagöd, fuq this. Anyway, atm, I'm just skyping with ze zaguru, and gonna study after dinner. Just hope this headache will gtfo.
That's all for now, later !

Aah and here are the pics of my tattoos :3 yay.


Hola ! At school atm, history class. Leap class after this --> going home.
Anyway ! Yesterday I went to get my first tattoos !! Shieee... The excitment didn't come until this morning.. My brain so slow 😂 it hurt like FAWWWKK but it was so worth it, and I got them for 40€ less than I should have.. Hehe :3
I'll pics of the tattoos later.
After I got my tattoos with Klara and my mum, I chilled with Robin the rest of the day ^.^
Aight, I'm off, later !



Sleep your worries away

Freakin' tuesday man..


Hola. Sorry for the lack of blogging, have been living without a phone for a while now. Got it back this morning YISSSS. What's been going on tho: PG on friday, league, stealing from H&M (not on purpose, it's just in my nature..Pikkis man..), chillin' with folks, and WORLDS !

We See What We Want



Silver 3

Hola !
So first of all, yesterday was awesome! Had some peeps over to chill, haven't had this much fun in a while HAPPIEH:3, but they were surprisingly good at making a mess tho..
Second, today I've just been playin' league, played my placement matches and got to silver 3! Happy with a start like this ^^
Tomorrow school, but honestly, I don't even mind, cause, LIVET LER KILLAR.
That is all, gonna go afk and paint for the rest of the night, adios !

Spirit Tracks

Hai !
Didn't have school today, woo ! So, I woke up around 12, and met Oge sometime around 2-3 and went to verkkokauppa, where we met Veppa and Jonte. I bought a mousepad and skittleeees :3
Then Jonte and Veps followed me around when I bought a bunch of stuff :3
When I came home I cleaned the appartment and dyed my hair ^^
And atm I'm playing spirit tracks. Going on 3h now? So far, it's pretty cool :3
Anywho, gonna go to sleep soon, some peeps gonna come over tomorrow so I have to be alive when they show up.
Aight, that is all, laters !

Such a nerdy Day

Honesty is the shit


I'm just too tired of everything, and I don't feel like blogging at all.. I'm still gonna post pics probably everyday, since I want to remember days like these, among the better days.

Sleepy days and sleepy nights

Not ready

Not ready for monday.. I'm broke so I can't do fun things like go to the movies or stuff like that.. All I have now is League. Holy shit. I need to get social. Too lazy.

Also first 5 rankeds games today.. Meeh


Faaawk it was scary coming home from Jontes place !
Was at Jonte's place today for some of dat movienight, and we watched mama. Why. GoodGod why.
Well, after the movie we just chilled and talked, unfortunetly my brain was all afk-mode, not enough energy drinks, so I just blobbed around a bit.
Anyway, before I went to Jonte's my day was all filled with League, some games, OGN, and alot ALOT of streams.
Aight so I just came home, tired as fuq so I'll going to sleep soon.
More blogging tomorrow ! Adios

Ps. Oge too cute in front of computer inc.

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