And that's 18



I've had a wonderful easter. Spent my days with Robin, dinner, lan and just relaxing. Loving the weather so much ! School tomorrow, pleb, and then picnic. Yay :3 On wednesday my grandma is coming over to celebrate my birthday, haven't seen her in like years.
Aight, time to go to the store, need some pepsi, adios !

Crappy days and lots of sleep

The past week has been a huge weak point for me. No school for 4 days, just blobbing in bed. I did manage to go to our school's movie night thing. Not even sober.. Wowow gotta pull myself together til' tuesday. And on monday it's one week until my birthday. Yaaayy.. 18 yaaay.
Well anywho here are some pics from the last few days, I'm gonna slip back into my easter coma. Bye!


4/5 done

Not long until summer anymore ! Only period 5 left. And 3 weeks until my birthday. Haven't been doing alot, focusing on school and working out. I did quite well in English atleast, the lowest grade I got from a task/project was 9- and I'm super happy about that. Anyway, that's all for now, here are some pics from the last 2-3 weeks or so.

Can't wait for summer

Just ordered these sweeties from H&M :3


Study study

Gotta study study all night. Also I'm supposed to write some review about some book that I haven't even opened til' thursday.. Fuck. Gotta go, later

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