Check in

50 min

50 minutes left of the leap class, at home atm and eating/writing finnish essay. This week has felt super busy for some reason, haven't had time to do anything.. Important. Just school, games and blobbing around. Last saturday I became godmother for my brothers son :) and that's the only thing I've done the past week worth mentioning :'D 
Anyway, back to writing, later !

Guardians of the galaxy


Abi ?

And so the last year of this school has started, first full week now. Doesn't seem so grim since we only have 3 periods of school. But oh lots to do. At tuesdays and thursdays I basically have school from 08.00-18.20. Of course a few leap hours. 
But I've spent the last weeks trying to get used to school, painting a bit and blobbing around with Robin :) then there was the Abi camping which was really fun ! And oooh I got a new bunny :3 And today we're gonna go see Guardians of the Galaxy !! Yay ! I'm gonna try to get into blogging again, it just seems like I have much less time nowadays :o
Anyways, shower now ! Later

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