Sneak peak


Ah, had a lovely Christmas, and I intend to keep the xmas spirit going :) Tomorrow we're going to see the last Hobbit movie !! Yay ! 
Otherwise I've been painting a lot, eating good food, trying to get healthy and spending time with the loves. Perfect days ❤️


Great start to the christmas holiday, aaay !

Gingerbread house

4 days of school

Got 4 days of school until christmas break, thank god cause I have a buttload of schoolwork to do. Anyway, here are some pics from the past days. I'm gonna try to sleep now, made mistakes with naps and stuff.. But yaaay it's christmas sooon !! So who cares ^.^

H&M and Painting

Perfect !!




Hay ! Takin tonight to study and paint, spent last night at Klara's place for some pardej, had a blast ! Especially after being sick the whole week. Anyhow here are some pics from the past weeks

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