Yoo. Been busy all day today searchin through all my closets for things that I could sell. I need money. Asap. I've been wanting a bunny a while now, and i feel like now would be an awesome time to get one. Only problem is that I need atleast 200€ to get one. Also I want a tattoo. And clothes. WANT.
Anyway, I've been doing literally nothing the last few days, I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get to have some kind of party at my place. 
Anyways, Imma post some wants soon, but that'll be all for today, so baii.



My room is a MESS. I've been working on my cosplay, and the weapons for my last cosplay which I never finished :3 Now there are materials everywhere and I'm running out of space. Also, I made the mistake of spray painting in my room. Holy shit that was stupid, I feel dizzy. I'm an idiot.
Was super tired today after this weekend, so I slept in late and just chilled at home. No other plans for this week exactly. We'll see ^.^
Time for me to get out of my room, I'm gonna faint soon haha.. So adios !

Valentine's day

No words, only pictures. 

Gammeldans Afterparty

WOOP had an amazing night, and I've got to say I love the people at my school. They're the best. Delicious food, even though I had my doubts, I mean that starter, a soop, faded green, and quite thin looking, but freaking delicious. Blew my mind that it actually tasted that good haha ! Even though the night ended up costing me about 150€ in total. I'll go ahead and say, worth. WORTH.
Here are the pics I managed to take, didn't really focus on taking a lot of them :3


Hola ! Finally got some time, some peace and just the timeout i needed. Figured I'd blog. It's been a weird few months, I've had some losses, alot of gloomy days, but I think everything is starting to come together again. Winter is slowly fading, I've just spent the best weekened I've had since last summer and I have a whole week of freedom. Can't help but feel a bit happy again, and I am so thankful for everyone who's there for me. 
Anyway, why this weekend was so great is because, on friday, I had no school since there was a kind of ''prom'' at our school, gammeldansen, and I didn't dance myself but I got to enjoy an awesome afterparty with the nicest people and the most delicious food. And on saturday, we celebrated Valentine's day with Robin, and it was one of the nicest evenings I've ever had. And today, I got to wake up next to him and spend the day just chilling. Sweet. ^.^
Anyway, alot other things have happened, I got another niece who's gonna be named Jessica, started making my next cosplay, and sadly though, I've stopped playin video games for a while, not on purpose exactly, but I'm trying to focus all my energy on gettin my school back on track. 
So, here are some random pics from January-February, and I'll post the gammeldans afterparty pics and valentine's pics in the next posts. Cheers ^.^

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