I'm back. Hola ^.^
I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow, and I really wanted to get white hair but it would take multiple colorings, and ain't nobody got money for that ! So now I'm torn between a bunch of different colors.
Which one ? WHAT COLOR? I just don't see myself with ''normal'' color hair.. hehe


I had/have high hopes for this year, but the start of this year has been the worst time, well autumn wasn't that much better. Right now I'm just going through a lot and it honestly hurts a little to go to school, not that classes would be the problem, I don't mind the actual learning part.. Seeing certain people in school is the hard part. Have to thank some of my friends for always being there :)
Anyway, nowadays if I'm not with Robin during the days, I sleep. I come home and sleep til' next morning, give or take. That makes it all a bit easier, since you don't have to worry about anything while you're sleeping. I'm going through a range of different emotions everyday, anger, sadness, and I'm so confused. Those days that I actually feel happy, they're like a miracle to me.
I just needed to let this all come out, and my blog seemed like an appropriate place.
I hope that as it gets warmer this spring, things won't seem that hard, or that things will actually get better.
I'm staying home today from school, I'm not feeling well, so I'll be going back to sleep now.

Here are some pics from the past days.


Last night before start of "spring"

It's spring. Yeah.. Let's say it's spring.
School starts tomorrow. Can't say I'm too sad about that, since everyday that passes, it's closer to summer. It'll be a freaking great summer.
Anyway, I spent my last day of freedom sleeping til' 5pm, hanging out with Robin, and preparing for school. And now it's 03.44am. Shit.
Not sure if I should pull an all-nighter or sleep for an hour or two. Anyway, I'll try to find a wreck this journal tomorrow, and get some coffee with Robin. Wednesday is moviedayyy ! :3
I'm off, goodnight !


Hallo. Wow it's been quiet around here for a while O.O
Anyway, I'm gonna try to blog more from now on, I've been super lazy with pictures and such, so haven't felt like blogging oopsie.
Anywho, christmas was pretty nice, apart from me being bored 60% of the time :D I got myself a nintendo 64 and majoras mask, which was the only thing I really asked for :3
I spent new years eve at Klara's place, had some of that usual drama, but the night turned out awesome anyway ! Thanks to awesome peeps :)
Now I've just spent my time in front of the computer, nothing new here, but I'll try to go shopping on some day before school starts again, if I can gather my strength for this :'D
Alright that's all for now, later

Here are some pics from the last week or so :)



Time to dye my hair

But what color O.O 


Starting with January, here's the last year in pictures. Memories :3
New years 2013, black hair, spending time with friends and still going to school like a good girl
PG, painted my brothers appartment and just waiting for spring o.o
Lans, still winter blah, and chill evenings with bestest friends 
JUSTIN BIEBER, fangirling fnatic, IHME-project and spring :3
Jacobstad, May-party with tölö, and one month of school left <3
My brother got married, summer and awesome times with lots of parties and chill :3
Greece <3 Muse <3 Shopping <3
Starting to fear autumn, did all summery-stuffs like going to the zoo and weekend festival <3 Also coloured my hair red :3
Got my first tattoos and got my own little Robin <3
FALL ugh, Löders surprise party, started making Cias and my own halloween costumes and painted alot. 
Mindless self indulgence, Åbo with school, PG halloween and teemo cards lol :D
Not alot happened during december, coloured my hair light, chilled at home and waited for x-mas and new years. Super cozy month.
All in all, not a lot of regrets and alot of fun times. Some of the best things ever happened, but also some really sad ones. 
Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

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