Yay, best month of the year ! ^^ it's spring, easter, summer time, vapppuu, game of thrones !! And my birthday :3 here are some pics from last years April


Summer's getting closer and closer and tomorrow it's already april. Only two weeks until easter vacation, four weeks til' my birthday and like nine weeks until summer vacation. I can't wait. And I can't wait for Greece. I was pretty bummed actually over the Greece vacation because my brother wasn't gonna join, but now that Robin is coming with, it's gonna be freaking amazing ! 

Mondays man

Had my finnish test position today, came home and went to sleep. So tired for some reason. Woke up half an hour ago and about to start studying on the only test I've got this period. The next three days are gonna be studying and boring stuff.
That's all I've got to say, I think I'll be blogging in a few days again. Later

So. Much. Want.

Summer pliz. Money pliz. 

Prioritizing the right stuff

Saturday, home, alone, gandalf running around the room. No money - no party. Studying game production and development. Starting to design my own game, I'm excited. Watched Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary of single working guys who make their own video games. It was a little bit sad and depressing actually. Now I'm scared of the choice I've made and my dreams and whether or not I will be happy in my future. I want a job I enjoy, it's really important to me. I wish I hadn't screwed up my school so bad this year, I might not get my grades up enough to get into the schools I want. I'm nervous, but excited. I know I could do it, if I give it 100%.
Anyway, I haven't done alot today, just blobbed around and worked out.
I'm gonna go back to working, later.


Life's pretty basic right now. Gandalf, Robin, School, Home sweet home. Not much to rapport.


Heyhey ! This week has started quite nicely, I met Cia on monday, and I got my bunny yesterday :3 Too bad that now follows two really boring days. I have so much school work to do, so that'll be today, and tomorrow I have to visit the doctor. Meh.
Right now I'm in school, 4 hours left for today. I just wanna get home quickly so that I can finish all the boring stuff asap. School is such aids. Anyways, that's all for now, later !


Hola, happy weekend ! Came home about an hour ago, went to UFF with my mum since it was everything for 1€ today. I spent yesterday and today with Robin, which was so nice since I hadn't seen him in a while.
Now I'm at home spending my time with netflix, and regretting going shopping since goddaammnn my leg hurts now. I thought it was better this morning but nnnoooo. Anyway, I'm really bummed that my plans fell through today, now I have to spend my night just.. Mehhhh. Maybe I'll paint :)
Anyway here are some pics from past days. :)

6 months and 19 years

Hiya, weekend is over and school in 7 hours. Gonna go to sleep in just a while. Anyway I figured I'd write about the past days a bit. And they've mainly consisted of Robin <3 We celebrated our 6 months day, we had dinner and saw Robocop at the movies :3 And yesteyday it was Robins birthday, so I mad him a bit of food, got some Ben and Jerrys and spent a really cozy day. Also saw the two first episodes of "the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" and it seemed pretty cool, awesome that they included stuff from some of the marvel movies. I've also started wathching "Hannibal", which is just brutal, scary and freaking crazy. And awesome. Also next week I might be getting a bunny. A bunnyyy :3

Anyway, I'm gonna sleep soon so, laters.


Today I skipped the first class. Today I didn't bother to put on makeup or do my hair. Today I spent a friday night at home eating ice cream and playing games, alone. Today I realized how much I've lost. Today I realized I have only myself to blame. Today was a gray day, one of many.

Tomorrow I will have forgotten today, and naively believe that things will change.

Bienvenidos a México

Hosted a Mexico themed party yesterday. Tequila + pineapple glass + me + awesome people = Chaos, fun laughter, and a neverending hangover. 
I'm thinking of taking a month of no drinking, I think it would be good for me. :)
Since I've spent all day today sleeping on the couch and doing nothing, I have tomorrow fully planned, my niece's birthday party, english essee, and cleaning. Blah.
Anyway here are some pics from yesterday, borrowed them from Janica's blog, thanks !

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