This year has started pretty awesome for me. Sold the paintings to the Siv industries gaming house, got an order for one more, the last bits of school left feel like they're flying by, all the abi-fun is still ahead (although so are the matriculation examinations), and I ordered a new conputer (which should have been here DAYS ago but...). Also my baby-bun Saria used to be pretty aggressive but now she's become all cuddly and cute. Been quite productive when it comes to painting and other "creative" things. Made pillows for my hobbit house, made a poro-hoodie, painted like a billion paintings, made bunny hops so that I can become even more of a crazy bunny lady. And more stuff like that. 
Otherwise it's just been a very chill start of the year. I mean, why shouldn't I eat pizza whenever I want? I mean, pizza is great. 

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