Day 20 - What I bought last

Day 19 - My Family

There are my parents, Mikaela & Vesa. Then my three big brothers, Rasmus, Christoffer and Sebastian. The youngest one is seven years older than me. 

Day 18 - Here I shop the most

Day 17 - Here I want to travel before I die

Day 16 - What I do on weekends

Here are my choices basically ^^

Day 15 - A celebrity you wish you could meet

Maybe not a huge celebrity, but he still inspires me so much.
Mike Dahlquist

Day 14 - Your biggest dream

The same as last time. To simply be happy.

Day 13 - A photo someone took of you

Day 12 - Your room right now

Sorry for the delay, needed a little extra time to do this one.. But get ready for like a billion pictures. :3

Day 11 - The city you live in

Day 10 - What does your future look like

Hopefully like this !
I want to...

Day 9 - Your bag contains..?

It usually contains all of this. It depends though on which bag I have with me (:

Day 8 - A picture of your closet

Day 7 - Who is the funniest person you know?

I would have to say Jonte & Bebban

Day 6 - The blogs you read

Day 5 - A photo of you 1 year ago

Day 4 - Someone you look up to

Day 3 - My Friends

Day 2 - Five cutest/handsomest guys

Day 1 - 3 favourite works of ''art'' I've made

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