Dresses, dresses..


I need something New

In my wardrobe. Oh please please please can't I win the lotto? ^.^

Savin' my money and I'm hella happy that's a bargain, bitch






$$$ #WANT


Dem Shoes of Gold

Newest pair in :3 Happy girl !!


Wants #2


I need a Dollar Dollar, A Dollar is What I need

New In

La Chaqueta

Looks way better IRL too ! Gimme !

Always Good To Carry a Gun With You

Seriously, how sick aren't these Guardian Angel bags from Vlieger & Vandam designed by Hein van Dam and Carolien Vlieger? OH how great it would be to have one of these ! Altough a great price they have aswell, they cost from 199€ to 349€. They make other awesome bags and accesories aswell, http://www.vliegervandam.com/

Forever 21 & H&M

Been windowshopping for hours now. Found so much I want. Haha, always gonna want more and more. Anyways, here's what I've found.

Isabel Marant #2

Give me 500€ more? (:

Shoes Shoes Shoes..


Just clicked home some stuff from H&M. They're gonna arive quite late though, like in 4-5 weeks. But here's what I bought:

Love the backpack so much !

Late Pics on my Last Shopping

I forgot to put photos of what i bought last week, so here they are. I bought these plus a powder, some facemasks and a couple earrings.

Oh and I'm really lazy with writing alot in my blog entries, so I just fill it with pictures, sorry bout that, haha !

Anyhow, here's the pictures:


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