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AH after some very long hours and back&hand pain, I finished my Cyanide drawing.. Here's the finished drawing, I'm off for today, good night !


Quick sketch with crayons of me as Link and some thoughts on fonts for a lil upcoming something.. Gotta sleep now though, good night (:

Quick Charcoal


My christmas present for my brother. He asked for a painting of John F. Kennedy.


Day 1 - 3 favourite works of ''art'' I've made

Por Ejemplo

More paintings

1/2 left


Saturday: play wow, to lvl 85~can't play any more - paint. - play burnout - rearrange my room - paint mooore - burnout !! --> sleep at 4-5am.
Tomorrow: Study ! Ffs Ninni.. Please study ! :3


Photoshop Randomness

Mexican Art Part #1

All photos were taken by my brother in Mexico and/or Belize. All credit to him, and the amazing artists that made these. I took the liberty to edit them a little, colours etc.

New stuff

So after all my portraits of people that I've made, I'm a little sick of it, and need to paint/draw something way else. So I figured I should try drawing manga and such. So gonna start working on that !
And also today was spent doing nothiing, but I've kept myself busy, tomorrow gotta stay in again because my old "boss" migh pick up the cart that I delivered the magazines in and the keys. He's kind of an idiot. Happyface.
But now back to nothing and being happy :) Actually feeling happy for the first time in a while. It's weird. Can't complain though !


3:40 am. in Finland right now, aand I'm still awake. Just sitting watching Adventure time and making a friendship bracelet. The sun is coming up. Maybe I should stay up the whole night? Hmmm..

God I'm tired. As you can see by that ^
Haha, for now, bye !

Nailpolish Marbled Shot Glasses

A quick project I had today. Since  my nights are getting longer day by day, I figured I should do something else than play videogames, right? Anyways, here's what I did:

I wonder If There's Anyone that gets Me..

Year old painting. Just gonna keep posting these until I get something to write about haha.

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