Sleep your worries away

Freakin' tuesday man..

Silver 3

Hola !
So first of all, yesterday was awesome! Had some peeps over to chill, haven't had this much fun in a while HAPPIEH:3, but they were surprisingly good at making a mess tho..
Second, today I've just been playin' league, played my placement matches and got to silver 3! Happy with a start like this ^^
Tomorrow school, but honestly, I don't even mind, cause, LIVET LER KILLAR.
That is all, gonna go afk and paint for the rest of the night, adios !

Spirit Tracks

Hai !
Didn't have school today, woo ! So, I woke up around 12, and met Oge sometime around 2-3 and went to verkkokauppa, where we met Veppa and Jonte. I bought a mousepad and skittleeees :3
Then Jonte and Veps followed me around when I bought a bunch of stuff :3
When I came home I cleaned the appartment and dyed my hair ^^
And atm I'm playing spirit tracks. Going on 3h now? So far, it's pretty cool :3
Anywho, gonna go to sleep soon, some peeps gonna come over tomorrow so I have to be alive when they show up.
Aight, that is all, laters !

Such a nerdy Day

Honesty is the shit

Sleepy days and sleepy nights

Not ready

Not ready for monday.. I'm broke so I can't do fun things like go to the movies or stuff like that.. All I have now is League. Holy shit. I need to get social. Too lazy.

Also first 5 rankeds games today.. Meeh


Gaims all niiight, later !


Hola. Tired and just annoyed at the world atm. Was a cool day though, but still haven't warmed the idea of school. I seem to be on full-hate-mode everyday :'D only thing getting me through the day is watching streams during class. Which I really shouldn't do hahah..
Anywho, I hate to write two english articles or something, I don't even know man.. And also I have a small psychology test tomorrow. Fuck.
Well. Plan A is school work. But plan B is already in action so fuq it. SivHD stream and blobbing.
That is all. Cyah.

Q_Q going to sleep




Today --> hardworking the first class, art and then oh-so-boring history, and then gym. After we were done swimming for gym class, me, Jonte and Janica took a quick bite at mcdonalds, plain cheeseburger, nom.. Now I'm home, gonna clean my room, play league, sew, draw and wait for my brother to get home and then go jogging, if he doesn't come home way too late.

Ps. Watching rekkles stream in school is the best thing ever. Makes the day 1000x more awesome. :3


Aah friday, it's been a horrible week at school since I was sick the whole week, still am tho.. I felt so gross and blah in school.. Anywho, today was the last day of the "konvent" (not even gonna bother with the english here) and so I dressed my slave in Link clothes and had her cosplay in school, and give out fliers.. :3
When I came home, I played some league.. For 6h.. Now I'm done though, gonna draw some now, I'll try to blog tomorrow, laters !

We all wanna be Diamonds

Halo ! Just came home, gotta go in an hour again hahah..
Yesterday I met Jonte, Oge and Saga and blobbed around for a while at le city, then we went and lanned a bit with Jotne and Oge. One of the best lans EUBut gotta go, in a hurry ! Cheers


Miss You League

Just took a game on my EUNE account. Nasus. I miss league. So. Much. Only 3 days left of work. Then I'll try to game as much as possible. But I miss my honey 360. And Zelda. Oh, I feel like I've died a little from not gaming in 4 weeks. 
Had to spill out my heart here at my blog, it only felt right. :3 


Oh, now summer has started


Full screen, HD. It's worth it.

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